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Come on earn points, Redeem Rewards Weekly in Igvault

Come on earn points ! Redeem Rewards Weekly !


Q1. What is an Redeem Rewards Points Activity? 

A:  Redeem Rewards Points Activity is used to reward the loyal customers, which can let them exchange the prizes on IGVault weekly. It is ranked according to the total points they earned during weekly, and the top players can get weekly prizes. The more points you earn, the higher then ranking and the more chance you will get free prizes.

Q2. What is the duration of the Activity?

A:  We will update the winners' list every Saturday at 00:00 (UK Time).

Q3. What are the prizes?

A:  First Prize: PSN Card 50EUR x1

Second Prize: Free Coins-500K

Third Prize: Free Coins-300K

Forth Prize: 10%OFF Coupon

Fifth Prize: 8%OFF Coupon

Q4. How to earn points?

A:  (1) Click “Check-in” Get 100 points for daily check-in, and you could check-in once a day.

(2) Click “Go to exchange points”to convert completed historical orders into points. For example, 100K coins order can get 100 points.(1K coins = 1 points)

(3) Click “Go to Comment” to get 200 points for daily positive comments on the website, after clicking, it will jump to the Trustpilot website for evaluation.

Q5. If I didn’t purchase coins, can I participate in this activity?

A:  Of course yes! You can get the points through daily check-in and daily comments; but please note that we rank according to the total points, so if you have orders, you are more likely to win.

Q6. Can I redeem points for every order?

A:  All orders that have been purchased and delivered can be exchanged for points(1K = 1points). Each time you can select multiple orders; and each order can only be exchanged once. Orders that have not been redeemed are always valid and will not expire.

Q7. I just purchased coins, why can’t I find my order in the exchange list?

A:  The order must be delivered. If the delivery is completed but cannot be found, you can contact our person in charge for feedback:[email protected]

Q8. What is the Point Ranking?

A:  The Point Ranking is based on the number of points earned during weekly. The ranking is updated in real time according to the number of points scored by the users. We will give rewards to the top five users. The points and the Rank are cleared every Saturday at 00:00 (UK Time).

Q9. Will my points remain valid after I redeem them?

A:  The redeemed points will be automatically cleared after each draw (time), and you must re-accumulate.

Q10. How do I know if I have won a lottery?

A:  ①You can click on the list of winners on the page, and we will announce the winners of each week. 

      ② For the winners, we will contact them via email within 1-3 working days to issue prizes.

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