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Best Fortnite Chapter 3 Easter Eggs You Need to Know

  Our last article mentioned what’s new in Chapter 3 ,and now we select some information you must want to know too.

  First, Easter eggs foreshadowing the future of chapter three are all over the island like the marvel Easter egg.

  We have our first collaborative chapter 3 on the island and it is the daily bugle and one of the biggest Easter eggs in this whole place actually confirmed some new skins which might be dropping this season. If you take a look at the desks around the bugle, they all pretty much look the same except there is one single desk in this entire building that is stacked with files and newspaper clippings and these have pictures about the x-men and green goblin on them it is a bit random that epic would add this into the game or is it with green goblin appearing in this month's spider-man movie and x-men characters already being in Fortnite.


  Second, there's an extremely secret Easter egg that is perfect for any llama hunters in fact some will call one of the most overpowered Easter eggs on the entire list if you head to the small farm southwest of log jam lumber yard you'll find the lieutenant llama npc and just outside this farm in the fences. 


  Third, about the red cube Easter egg if you go to the new Jones's poi you'll spot a few things like there is an Easter egg in this place which is huge and not a single person has noticed over on one of the tables. You can find a miniature version of the blue cube; next to this cube you can see three dices on the table.

  The first one is a purple dice , a golden one and then a red one just like the real cubes we have seen; so let’s guess if we will see the red cube in this chapter!

  Fourth, near shifty shops there's a big maze in the garden of this place and if you make your way through it you can see a ton of Easter eggs referencing chapter 2. The statues must be taken straight from colossal coliseum especially the one with potassius peel skin on it; there's also a statue of a gnome to recognize the gnomes escaping the island storyline that happened at the end of chapter 2.

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