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FIFA: Safe Trade: How to get FIFA Backup Codes?

When using Safe Trade, we will ask you to enter 5 backup codes. This article will explain how to get the backup code to save you time.


1. Open the website:

2.Please log in your origin account , you will return to the home page. Select the profile button again and click EA Account and billing button.

3. On the new page, click the ""Security"" tab.

4. Click the ’ view’ button next to BackUp codes.

5. In order to get the backup codes, you need to enter a digit code. Please receive the digit code from your phone or email address as usual.

6. After entering the code, please record any 3 of backup codes when you see them. (Note that the backup code shown in gray indicates that it has been used, please only record the black ones.)

7. In the Delivery page, enter the 3 backup codes just recorded and start delivery.

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