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Fortnite AI Calculator

We need to cooperate with the login to read your account information in order to calculate the valuation more accurately.

Game Account

Game Password

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Password Protection

Your account password information will only be used to inquire about prices and will not be stored on iGV in any way.

Massive Data

Any data within your game will be a factor in calculating the account's value, ensuring the accuracy of the results.

AI Calculation

The calculation method is entirely based on AI's analysis of game data and market sales data.

Continuous Iteration

Each time iGV completes a new order, the result will be incorporated into the AI's learning to adapt to market price fluctuations.

Real Price

All prices are calculated based on actual iGV sales orders, ensuring the authenticity of the prices.

iGV AI Account Calculator

The iGV account calculator utilizes AI learning from iGV's historical transaction orders to create the industry's first product that uses artificial intelligence to calculate an account's value.

This is different from traditional account calculators as iGV uses AI tools to log into a user's account and retrieve in-game player information, equipment, skins, battle records, etc. This information is then combined with iGV's sales orders for AI calculations, resulting in an unprecedented account calculation experience. The calculation results are more precise, and the formula updates are faster.

Traditional account calculators are limited by the volume of content entered and the singularity of the calculation formula, thus cannot timely and effectively reflect the account's current true selling value. The iGV AI account calculator truly processes all the information in a user's account with AI, allowing for the most realistic cashing out of your account's value.