About delivery

About delivery

If you are using a subscriptions trading platform, you may be wondering how delivery works. subscriptions are goods that have no physical form, such as e-books, software licenses, etc. Therefore, the delivery of subscriptions is different from physical goods, and here is a guide on how to deliver them:


Step 1: Communicate with us

Communication is crucial on a subscriptions trading platform. Before you purchase a product, you need to communicate with  us through the chat system to understand the details of the product, including delivery methods and time. We needs to ensure that you have paid for the product and provide the required product information for delivery.


Step 2: Confirm the delivery method

subscriptions delivery methods usually is email. Before confirming the delivery method, you need to ensure that your email can receive and use the delivered goods.


Step 3: we delivers the goods

We will deliver the goods to you through such as sending an email or providing an account or codes. You need to ensure that you receive the delivered goods and check if the product meets your requirements. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the chat system for consultation and resolution.


Step 4: Leave feedback

After completing the transaction, you can leave feedback to the seller to evaluate the product and delivery process. This helps other buyers make more informed decisions when making purchases and also helps us improve our product quality and delivery services.