How to initiate a withdrawal?

As part of our compliance with regulatory obligations, sellers can only withdraw funds to their own withdrawal account, that is, the name of the withdrawer must match the seller name and verification documents.


1. Enter the "Withdrawal" page, and click "Payment". You can choose to convert your funds currency or withdraw directly.


2. To convert your currency before withdrawal, "Convert" and select the currency. Please make sure you select the gateway in the correct currency when withdrawing funds, as currency conversion may result in exchange losses.


3. You can withdraw funds to an existing account, or create a new account. If you are adding a new account, select a payment gateway listed or change currency to see more.


4. Enter all information and submit to create a new account.


5. When withdrawing funds, select an existing account and enter the withdrawal amount.


6. Please check all information carefully before confirming the withdrawal.


7. You will receive a withdrawal request number upon submission.


8. To view your withdrawal request number, click Available Balance.