Mastering Lost Ark: A Guide to Classes, Gold Management, and Advanced Gameplay Strategies

Lost Ark, a Korean MMORPG, has made its much-anticipated debut in the West, bringing with it a wealth of intricate gameplay features. Lost Ark comes packed with diverse activities like sailing, leveling, PvP, acquiring collectibles, and creating your unique island fortress. This guide serves as a comprehensive introduction for those setting foot in the vast realm of Arkesia and wanting to make the most of their Lost Ark Gold.


LOST ARK CLASS SELECTION: BE ADVENTUROUS Lost Ark currently boasts 15 distinct classes. You may find yourself gravitating away from the class you initially picked, and that's perfectly fine. The beauty of Lost Ark lies in the freedom it affords in choosing a class that aligns best with your preferred playstyle. Whether it involves getting up close for melee combat, providing support to your party with shields and heals, or engaging foes from a distance with magic or firearms, there's a class for you.


Don't let leveling speed dissuade you from selecting your desired class. While some, like the Bard, Paladin, and Gunlancer, may seem slow during the leveling process, the true value of these classes shines in the endgame content post-level 50.


LOST ARK ROSTER BONUSES: KEY TO PROGRESS In Lost Ark, certain rewards can be claimed across your entire roster (all characters within the same world), while others are confined to individual characters. Lost Ark ensures you're aware when claiming a reward bound to a single character. Be mindful and postpone claiming such rewards until you're sure about your class choice.


Lost Ark also provides numerous global bonuses that enhance every character on a single server. As your characters level up, keep an eye out for the red circles at the bottom right of your screen. They signify important Roster levels, Rapport, titles, and other bonuses, all of which must be claimed before you can enjoy their benefits.


LOST ARK TRAVEL: MAXIMIZE YOUR OPTIONS Fast travel points, known as Triports, and mounts are your best companions for swift travel across Arkesia. Teleportation via Triports requires some Lost Ark Gold, but there are plenty of ways to earn this currency within the game. You can teleport by clicking the Triport icon on your main map or by holding Alt and clicking on the tabbed map.


For efficient exploration, be sure to frequently use your mount, which you receive right after the prologue. For an added speed boost, use your dash ability (spacebar) to leap or gain more movement speed.


As the narrative unfolds, sailing across seas to traverse continents becomes crucial. By visiting a Triport in a port city, you can opt to use the ocean liner for quicker travel between continents, although it does require a small fee of Lost Ark Gold.


LOST ARK SKILL MANAGEMENT: FLEXIBILITY IS KEY In Lost Ark, you have the freedom to reset your skill point tree at zero cost. This feature encourages experimentation with various builds and skills, assuring you that any perceived missteps in your skill allocation can be easily remedied. For added convenience, Lost Ark allows you to save presets of your skills, facilitating smooth swapping between builds.


STRATEGIC USE OF POTIONS Lost Ark offers two types of potions: healing and HP. Healing potions replenish health gradually, whereas HP potions provide immediate health recovery. It's important to note that while both potions are useful while journeying through Arkesia, only HP potions can be used in certain late-game activities like Guardian Raids. Therefore, preserving your HP potions for such endgame content is a wise move.


WISDOM IN WINGS: PHOENIX PLUMES Should you find your character dead in Lost Ark, you have the option to resurrect at the nearest settlement or use a Phoenix Plume. Phoenix Plumes provide the advantage of instant resurrection at the spot of your death, thus saving you from the trouble of making a long journey back to your last location. This feature is particularly helpful in scenarios like Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids. Initially, you might find an abundance of Phoenix Plumes, but misuse can rapidly deplete this useful resource. Earn more Phoenix Plumes via side quests and other means, but consider them a somewhat rare commodity.


In conclusion, with proper management of your Lost Ark Gold and smart gameplay choices, you can maximize your experiences in the world of Arkesia. If you need further assistance in boosting your game, platforms like iGV can be your reliable ally.