iGV Platform Seller Secure Transaction Agreement

The following agreement documents describe the terms and conditions that provide full protection for the Sellers through iGV.

1. Brief Agreement Introduction

By creating a sales quote on the iGV website, the Seller and iGV agree to the following terms. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") took effect on 1 January 2019 for both existing and new Sellers. The purpose of making this Agreement, in addition to the , is to protect the interests and safety of buyers and sellers. This agreement is intended to the following:

> Clear the rights and responsibilities of buyers and sellers in order to obtain full protection from iGV

> Explain the role of iGV throughout the transaction and our commitment to impartially arbitrate as fairly as possible any dispute.

> Support local government laws and regulations

> Make the virtual trade safer, convenient and provide a better business experience.

2. To be a Seller

> Register an iGV website user account.

> Click "Sell" at the head of the website to enter the seller account verification page.

> To verify the mailbox, the system will send a verification code to the specified mailbox, fill in this verification code to complete the mailbox verification.

> Fill in the seller information, such as name, contact information, game for sale, size, ID photo (personal), company business license information (company) and other information, and submit for review.

> After completing the information and the information verified correctly, the Seller's authority can be opened. You will receive a corresponding email notification.

> Log in to the site and start selling.

Important: Due to national legal requirements and policy restrictions, we currently DO NOT accept sellers from: Iran / Cuba / North Korea / Congo / Syria / Libya / Somalia / Yemen / Sudan

3. Selling on iGV

3.1 When selling on iGV, the Seller shall:

> Provide and maintain Seller’s personal information accurately during and after registration and verification on the website;

> The transaction should be completed within the guaranteed delivery time according to the delivery method selected by the customer.

> Upload trading screenshots (pre-trade post-trade screenshots). The seller may upload a maximum of 8 screenshots after completion of the transaction. If the transaction screenshot is in video format, the video needs to be kept for at least a month. The transaction evidence is the important basis of transaction protection, please keep it properly.

> Monitor the email address the Seller registered on iGV for any communications (the “Communication”) from or through the Site. In the event that any Communication requires action from the Seller, the Seller will take that action within the timeframe specified in the Communication. If a Communication requires the Seller to accept or dispute a claim from the Buyer, and the Seller does not take a required action within the timeframe specified in the Communication, the Seller authorizes iGV to assume the Seller’s acceptance of the Buyer’s claim.

> Full responsibility for ensuring Communications from iGV are accepted, read and acted upon without interruption by spam filters or other systems.

> Communicate with Buyer via the message in the order. Avoid chatting in the game.

> Ensure accurate inventory and product prices when submitting merchandise for sale.

> Polite language should be used when communicating with Buyer.

3.2 When selling on iGV, the Seller shall not:

> Breach of Offer Policy, Messaging Policy and User Agreement;

> Confirm delivery before its completion

> In-game products and services must be delivered to the Buyer's gaming account unless the Buyer uses the iGV Onsite Messaging system for delivery, such as a purchased gaming account.

> Sell or use any product or service that is not authorized by the game developer or publisher

> Disclose personal information of Buyer or ask Buyer for personal information and / or game account information if it is not necessary

> Unsolicited request for cancellation of order

> Provide private transactions to the buyer for any reason

> Send chats about harassment or threats of violence

3.3 To promote a secure trading environment, iGV shall:

> Verification of the Buyer, Seller, and the Buyer’s payment

> Retain the Buyer’s payment until iGV determines the completion status of the order

> Appropriate refund of the Buyer’s funds for any products or services deemed by iGV not delivered properly

> Protection of sellers against payment fraud

> For any products or services deemed by iGV to have been delivered properly, the appropriate fee will be paid to the Seller after deducting iGV’s fees.

> Reserve legal rights to conduct full prosecution for any fraudulent activity that occurs.

4. Dispute Resolution

4.1 If the buyer or seller do not agree with the completion of the order delivery, the Buyer or Seller must file a dispute within 72 hours of the submission of the other party's claim. Disputes must be properly filed and reported via the iGV Order Dispute Resolution System. Disputes reported in any other manner will not be accepted by iGV and will be deemed invalid.

4.2 These special circumstances are usually caused by accidents or simple misunderstandings. Therefore, iGV highly recommends that Buyers and Sellers contact directly via the onsite messaging system to solve the issue correctly through the iGV Order Dispute Resolution System.

4.3 If the buyer and the seller are unable to reach an agreement on their own, or if iGV suspects that fraudulent activity may be involved, the Order will be upgraded to “iGV Final Settlement Arbitration Commission” (Hereinafter referred to as the "Arbitration Committee"). If the order is reported to the Arbitration Commission, the Buyer and the Seller authorize the Arbitration Commission as the final arbitrator to determine the delivery completion status of the Order and thus determine the appropriate amount to return the buyer and/ or pay the Seller. Any decision of the Arbitration Commission regarding the completion status of the order delivery is final and binding on both the Buyer and the Seller, and may not be appealed.

4.5 If the Order is escalated to iGV Final Resolution Committe, iGV shall:

> Fairly and maximally arbitrate any dispute between the Buyer and the Seller

> Continue to retain the Buyer’s payment until iGV determines the completion status of the order;

> Continue to protect Sellers from payment fraud

> Carefully examine the seller’s delivery document and verify that the Seller has complied with this Agreement as fully as possible

> Verify that the Buyer complies with the Secure Buyer Transaction Agreement as fully as possible

> View the transaction history of Buyers and Sellers

> Strictly verify the Buyer and Seller participating in the transaction, as well as review the Agreement and Order

> Review all information related to the order between the Buyer and the Seller via iGV Onsite Messaging system

> Reserve the right to perform any additional assessment or investigation step necessary for the final settlement of the dispute

4.6 According to the authoritative judgment of the iGV Arbitration Committee’s Final Resolution, iGV shall:

> Appropriate return to the Buyer in accordance with the judgment of the Arbitration Commission;

> According to the judgment of the Arbitration Commission, appropriate payment to the Seller, minus the transaction fee;

> The legal right to a full lawsuit is retained for any fraudulent activity that occurs.

> If an order is found to be refunded by the Buyer due to a Seller error, the Seller will received a fine equivalent to 10 % of the refund amount.

5. Penalty Rules

If the Seller violates these policies, the Seller may be subject to one or more of the following penalties:

> Cancellation of a Quote or Order

> Reputation penalty, including possible loss of account honor

> The account will be suspended or permanently terminated

> Confiscation of the payment and return it to the buyer;

> Cancellation of any iGV market credits obtained;

>Prosecution according to law

6. Delivery Provement Requirements

In order to provide a protected trading environment, iGV requires the Seller to record, retain and submit evidence of delivery based on iGV's . If the Order is upgraded to the iGV Final Arbitration Board, iGV will use "Delivery Evidence" as a number of factors to fairly and fairly determine the delivery completion status of the Order. Evidence of delivery requirements may vary by game and product (Generally, there are screenshots, videos or some other evidences before, during and after the transaction.) Through this Agreement, Seller confirms that it has read and agreed to comply with the Delivery Evidence Requirements applicable to any sales offer created by seller.

7. Feedback Policy

7.1 The following feedback comments are not permitted:

> Profane or patently vulgar language (includes language that is racist, hateful, sexual, or obscene)

> Personal contact information and/or diverting language

> Feedback comments and replies containing any of the above are not permitted and may be removed without notice.

7.2 Members are not permitted to:

> Manipulate the feedback ratings of any user by creating orders for the purpose of leaving negative feedback.

> Inflate their own feedback ratings by creating invalid orders for the purpose of increasing their own positive feedback.

> Demand refunds, discounts, free gifts, or other incentives in exchange for the removal of negative feedback.

> Attempts to manipulate our feedback system, intimidate transaction partners, or misrepresent our feedback policies undermine the integrity of the feedback system and are not tolerated by iGV. Violations of these policies can result in the suspension or permanent closure of your account.

8. Other Policies

iGV is fiercely committed to providing a safe trading environment for our community. In fact, our entire business is centered on securing trades for gamers in a way that minimizes transaction risks such as delivery or payment default and/or the fraudulent misrepresentation of items. Thus, while we encourage open communication among our members, we do prohibit users from soliciting off-site trades. This means that members are not allowed to use the iGV on-site messaging system to share information with the aim of completing a transaction outside of iGV.

If you violate this policy, you may be subject to the following penalties: a formal written warning, a monetary fine taken from your security deposit, and/or the permanent suspension of your account. 

Fraudulent behavior can be a serious violation of the law. Our User Agreement is based on basic human morality. Therefore, we strictly prohibit any and all forms of fraud on our platform. Do not falsely confirm delivery before delivery has in fact been made.

If you violate this policy, you will be subject to the following penalties: a formal written warning, a monetary fine taken from your security deposit, and/or the permanent suspension of your account. Please be advised that we will report serious violations to the relevant government authorities.