Trade In Update

Trade Ins are now managed in their own section in the Garage
All Trade In-eligible items fall into three categories:
Core Series Items
Tournament Items

The Trade In menu displays how many eligible Trade Ins you have, sorted by category and rarity
Trade Ins still operate the same way as before:
5 Uncommon = 1 Rare
5 Rare Items = 1 Very Rare
5 Very Rare = 1 Import 
5 Imports = 1 Exotic 
5 Exotics = 1 Black Market

Tournament Items and (revealed) Blueprints can now be traded in regardless of series. The Tournament Item or Blueprint you receive from a Trade In is directly tied to the series of the items you traded in. 
For example, if you trade in three Ignition Series Blueprints and two Ferocity Series Blueprints, you'll have a 60% chance to receive an Ignition Series Blueprint and a 40% chance to receive an Ferocity Series Blueprint.  
Player Trading Eligibility

Before trading with other accounts is activated, new accounts must:
Reach XP Level 30
Have 50 or more minutes in Online Matches

Accounts with XP Levels 30-99:
Can trade three times per day
Limit of 2,000 Credits per trade

Accounts with XP Levels 100-249:
Can trade ten times per day
Limit of 10,000 Credits per trade

Accounts with XP Level 250 or greater:
Unlimited trades per day
Limit of 100,000 Credits per trade