DOFUS Touch Tips: Some Basic Battle Strategies

Dofus Touch is a game that will give you a huge set of spells and tools which makes it one of the most strategic MMORPG's on the market. But it also pits you against incredibly powerful monsters that take a lot of planning and thinking to conquer.


Here we'll discuss the basic core strategies that players use to beat tough fights. These core strategies apply to all classes, not just one specific class, and if you apply these strategies whenever possible, you will see a dramatic improvement in your survival rate and ability to complete tough battles at or above your level.

The Damage Preview Feature


This feature will make applying all of the following strategies much easier. To enable it click the gear icon in the upper right, select the “Features” item on the left hand side of the options dialog, and under the “Fight Options” section click the checkbox next to “Display damage preview in tooltips” Just select a spell, hover over an enemy, and it will show you the minimum and maximum damage that you can do on that enemy with that spell. Since this calculates the damage preview with resistances and vulnerability it will help you to avoid wasting AP and to chose the best attack that will do the most damage when needed.


Check The Resistances


Most classes have spells in at least two or three of the different elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Neutral. Whenever you are getting ready to attack a monster you should check its resistances by hovering the mouse over the monster and checking the stats that appear in the lower right hand corner of your screen. The two rows on the bottom of the monster stats area are its resistances. The top row is linear resistance. This type of resistance will cripple your low damage low AP attacks. The second row is percentage resistance, which has a bigger effect on high damage spells.


Remember to check these resistances, and if your attacks will be ineffective against a monster because of resistance, and you are fighting with someone else who can deal damage to that monster more effectively, then it is usually best to let him/her focus on that monster and instead spend your AP elsewhere.


Focus On Attacking A Monster At A Time


When fighting with new players I’ve noticed that many tend to split up and each take on a single monster. Unless the monsters you are fighting have really strong resistances to your element which make it pointless for you to waste AP attacking them you should team up with teammates to focus on attacking a single monster at a time. By focusing on a monster you and your teammates can kill it fast, removing it from the battlefield before it has a chance to deal a lot of damage to your team. This is one of the key advantages that players have over monsters.


When fighting in a group you should select one person to be the team leader before the battle begins. Usually this will be the highest leveled or most experienced player who has good strategy sense. Then this person should focus on strategically selecting a target for the team to attack. Remember that working together and communicating is the main advantage that human players have over the AI monsters.


Finish Off Wounded Enemies Before Attack


This strategy is strongly related to "focus down enemies" but slightly more specific to classes that have healing skills. It is important to balance "emergency heals" to keep a character alive with damage output that will kill a foe and keep it from doing more damage. In many cases it is better to remove damage potential by killing monsters fast, because otherwise it will be hard, if not impossible to out heal the damage output of your foes.


Give Buffs To Who Use It More Effectively


Most Dofus classes have buff spells that increase the power or damage of spells and/or weapons, and we love to use these spells because of how they increase our damage output. But sometimes it is more effective to give these buffs to other people instead of putting them on ourselves. Each time you have a buff available think carefully about which character on your team would be the best to make use of this buff. It may not always be you.


Avoid Getting Damage That Would Kill Teammates


Sometimes dealing damage is not the most effective thing to do. The cra barely does any damage to the monster, but the monster is unable to reach the sacrier and the sacrier lives to be healed by the Eniripsa.


Whenever possible you should try to minimize the damage that your team takes. Sometimes this means dealing lots of damage in order to kill monster before they can kill you, but other times this means spending AP on spells that barely do any damage, but which strategically help your team avoid getting damage that would kill teammates.


Save Some Spells In Case You Will Need


If you are a class that has a spell like Enutrof's Living Bag or Eniripsa's Protective Word you should save these protection spells until they are needed. If you are an Enutrof and you waste the living bag by casting it on the entire group on the first turn you may reduce a little damage from everyone, but your Living Bag probably won’t be available a few turns later when one player is dangerously low on health and about to be killed.


Do Not Waste AP An Damage On Overkilling


You should turn on damage preview to help you plan your attacks and decide which spell will kill the enemy without wasting AP on overkilling it. This way the available AP from both characters are used effectively to deal the most damage per AP, instead of wasting damage potential on finishing an enemy that someone else with less damage potential could have killed more efficiently.


Also keep in mind that if you are in a situation where you are utilizing the strategy to maximize damage by letting someone else finish off a monster it is usually best to let them know in team chat that you are leaving the monster for them, because otherwise they may not notice. Communication is key.


Overkill also applies to spell choice on your turn. If you have two or more spells that will put out enough damage to kill an enemy always use the spell that requires the least amount of AP and/or does the least amount of damage. This way your remaining AP and damage potential will be available for another target, instead of wasting AP and damage on overkilling the enemy.


Maximize Buffs By Making Plans


One tool that top Dofus Touch players use frequently is to have one team mate challenge another team mate in order to look at the starting positions of the players and monsters. This can give you a preview of whether to expect a close range battle, or a long range one, and adjust your resistances and/or weapon accordingly.


It also allows you to use the positioning of the starting tiles and figure out how to cast buffs so that everyone will benefit. Many classes such as Eniripsa, Feca, Masqueraider, Iop, and Sac have AoE buffs that can benefit multiple people. Ideally you want to position your characters in a plus shape that leaves the middle tile open and accessible. Then each character with an AoE buff takes turns going to the center tile of the plus, buffing everyone in the plus shape, then leaving the center so another character can go to the center and buff. In this way you can maximize the number of people who get Eniripsa Stimulating Word, Feca shields, Masqueraider Psychopathic Mask and Plastron, and other useful buffs.


If you spend most, if not all, of turn one efficiently buffing everyone on your team then your team will be ready to quickly destroy some monsters on the next turn, as everyone will have lots of nice power buffs.


Can these tips and tricks help you win the battle easier? More news and guidesthat may be released for "DOFUS Touch" should be made available in the near future. Follow DofusTouch-Kamas on social media and look for the news page for the latest DOFUS Touch news.