How to Leveling Farmer to 100 in Dofus Touch

Beginning in the world of 12, one often wonders, how to win kamas?


One of the safest ways is crafting, and learning trades in Dofus touch . The drop being random, the kamas are also random, but with a level 100 profession, everything becomes simpler.


One of the profession never in crisis on Dofus touch is the farmer, allied to another profession the Baker, which will be the subject of another article.


Yes, to be able to quickly regain life between two fights, only one solution, eat bread!


From the beginning to the end of the server, everyone will need bread!


But how to ride his farmer to the lvl 100 easily?


Where to learn the farmer profession ?

When you start in Incarnam you will have the opportunity to learn directly the farmer profession by going to the workshop.


If you missed the check mark, it does not matter, the Astrub fields are at the northeast exit of the city, and the farm (wheat ear on your map) is in [7, -25 ]. You will find Emia Elliesol who will teach you the profession .


But with what to mow?


For 150 kamas, you can get your first fake. All the others that you will cross will give you characteristics in addition, but will not make you cut faster! Against 100 ears of Farle Ingalsse wheat will give you a better fake (1 to 55 in strength and 1 in luck).


Levels 1 to 10

There is no secret, for xp, it will be necessary to mow, mow and mow again!


At first not too much choice, the wheat will be.


Cereals weighing two pods, if that's your first job, you're going to have to do a lot of back and forth to the bank. That's why I recommend cutting wheat directly north of Astrub. 'Is the fastest.


Make stock for the last straight!


Levels 10 to 20

After the wheat, you can now cut the barley, which will bring you more xp, it is always cut above astrub, it is closest to the bank, you will go faster.


You can cut it to level 30 if you do not have too much concurrency, otherwise stop at level 20.


Make stock for the end!


Levels 20 to 30

It's time to move on to oats! The problem is that the only interesting points are located in Bonta, and are therefore a bit far from the bank.


On the other hand there are many, it will be up to you to see in relation to your pods which is the most interesting.


From my point of view, there are always too many people in Astrub anyway, so Bonta is more interesting!


Recipes with 4 boxes being available, it can be interesting to make peasant meals: 100 wheats, 100 barley and 100 oats, and also 100 rye to buy.


Keep in another for levels 80 to 100.


Levels 30 to 40

You can cut Hops available north of Astrub (but will have to battle) or south of Bonta.


Bonta will be more appropriate, except for night owls


The recipe of peasant flour is always as interesting to craft! Do not hesitate to cut the other cereals! Levels 40 to 50


From level 40 you can mow flax, and the best is to go to Bonta to cut it, it is available in abundance.


This is where you go faster.


Make in flours, for xp your future baker.


Levels 50 to 60

You made halfway!


But there is still half a hehehe, and that is the hardest half for his farmer.


But do not worry, with a little perseverance, you will be able to answer the question what is the trick on how to win kamas!


You can cut two new cereals: Rye and rice.


The rye will be south of Bonta, and the rice in Pandala.


Stay in Bonta, unless you want to discover new places, and have a special need in Rice.


Levels 60 to 70

This is the malt that you can now cut, still south of Bonta (I hope you have planted the tent!)


You should now have more pods, and so it should become a little simpler for you.


Keep it to make bread


Levels 70 to 80

The last cereal you can cut is hemp, which will not be of much use to you besides the xp, but which can be sold to our friends alchemists, or to be stored to mount a future profession .


Levels 80 to 100


The fastest solution is to make the whole flour until it is exhausted!


The recipe for full flour craft is:


2 x Wheat + 2 x Rye + 2 x Barley + 2 x Oats + 2 x Hops


If you have made a lot of stock during your progression, it can go very quickly, otherwise it will take the time to cut all these types of cereals!


But the game is worth the candle,


The Level 100


And yes, once level 100, you will become a harvester all by yourself, cutting all types of cereals in just two seconds, that's when you can say thank you


But especially as for each lvl 100 craft, you will earn 1000 pods of BONUS, enough to carry even more cereals without returning to the bank.


With this level 100, it will be very easy to leveling your baker lvl 100; And so to win lots of kamas quickly!