Exploring The Elder Scrolls Online: The Core Values of Combat


The Core Values of Combat


Today, we want to share with you the goals and core values of the combat system in The Elder Scrolls Online. Firstly, let's address some common combat-related questions from a few months ago. While reading players' questions about combat, we felt the need to communicate further with players, elucidating our vision and core values regarding combat. Over the past few months, we've received many "why" questions related to combat, and most of these questions can be answered based on our core values. We'd like to step back and review these core values to help clarify our long-term vision for combat in The Elder Scrolls Online, which should have been shared earlier.


So, what is our vision for combat in The Elder Scrolls Online? In simple terms, we want players to experience fun and rewards through combat. We have a variety of player types, each with unique interests and motivations while playing the game, so we believe the definition of "fun and rewards" varies to some extent from person to person. We aim to achieve a good balance among different player types. However, like our community evolves over time, we also need to address issues that are inconsistent with our core combat values. It's worth noting that these core values are an aspiration rather than hard rules or a definition of current reality. They represent the values we strive for in combat design and serve as a reference when considering adjustments to The Elder Scrolls Online's combat.


In summary, we want to present to you the core values and vision of combat in The Elder Scrolls Online, including examples of how these values can be manifested in combat:


Freedom to Play Your Way


We aim to provide players with the freedom and flexibility to translate their character fantasies into gameplay reality. We value choices and diversity in playstyle in terms of skills, weapons, and armor. Some combinations of these tools may be more effective than others, but every character should have the ability to protect their team, heal allies, or destroy enemies.


The ability to mix and match light, medium, and heavy armor Slotting skills from any skill line you discover "Deck-building" through skill, item, champion points, and more Active Combat


We believe combat becomes more engaging when you're constantly moving and engaging in encounters. Combat should be exciting, with threats and opportunities rapidly arising, and you should be able to respond quickly and proactively. At any moment, you should have options to outmaneuver your opponents, without being hindered by long waits between actions. Your control over your character needs to be precise and responsive, making you feel in sync with your character and in control of the outcome of combat.


Abilities such as blocking, dodge rolling, power attacks, and interrupts not bound by a global cooldown No skill cooldowns and short global cooldowns Most skills activate immediately after use, except for cast times. Mastery


Whether you've played for 10 minutes or 1000 hours, there should always be areas to learn and improve. This learning curve should be consistently fun and rewarding. Our combat provides challenges through two main avenues: character development and skill execution. Beyond combat, character development tests your ability to fine-tune many options to make your character a skilled combatant. In combat, skill execution pushes you to unleash the potential of your character development plan and surpass your opponents in fast-paced active combat.


Character development, including skills, items, and champion points Real-time resource management (health, magicka, stamina, and ultimate skills) Optimized skill rotations and timing Light attack weaving Team Development Strategies and Coordination Inspiration from The Elder Scrolls Series


Over the past few decades, The Elder Scrolls has garnered the love and passion of millions of players, and we are committed to respecting the series' traditions. The world of online multiplayer gaming presents unique challenges, constraints, and opportunities, but fans of the series should find familiarity in our character and combat experience. We can draw from the lore and mechanics inherited from previous games, and, if possible, use them as a foundation for combat in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Attributes include health, magicka, and stamina Choice of a class does not define or limit your character Players can discover skill lines, and leveling them up by using skills from the skill lines Many skill lines from previous Elder Scrolls games (e.g., Werewolf, Heavy Armor, and Mages Guild) are featured in The Elder Scrolls Online Throughout the development of The Elder Scrolls Online, we use these values, community feedback, and hard data as guiding principles. Apart from some unaddressed combat issues, we believe that with the help of these factors, our combat experience has significantly improved, making The Elder Scrolls Online more enjoyable and supportive of various playstyles. Most of the efforts we've made in recent years, such as the Champion Point system updates and hybrid builds, have greatly enhanced diversity in character development, gameplay styles, and build equality, while aligning with our core values. We acknowledge that this process has not been without its challenges, so we sincerely appreciate the feedback and the time players have spent in Tamriel over the years.


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