Steam's "Massacre": Argentinian and Turkish Players Suffer "Skyrocketing" Prices

Steam recently announced that it will increase game prices in Argentina and Turkey by up to 2900%. This news has triggered strong discontent among players in both countries, who have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media.

 The price increase is amazing

According to SteamDB, in Argentina, game prices have increased by up to 2,900%.

For example

A game that was originally priced at 200 Argentine pesos (about $1.2) will cost 7,200 Argentine pesos (about $43.2) after the price increase.In Turkey, the price of games can increase by up to 150%.

For example

A game that was originally priced at 150 Turkish liras ($10.50) will cost 225 Turkish liras ($15.80).


Gamers Wail

Gamers in Argentina and Turkey reacted strongly to Steam's price hike and took to social media to express their dissatisfaction.
Some gamers said they would no longer be able to afford to buy the game after the price increase. Some gamers also said that Steam's price hike will lead to a decline in the gaming industry in the region.


Official Response

Steam officials said that the price increase was due to factors such as exchange rate fluctuations and the local economic situation.
Steam said it will continue to monitor the local economic situation and adjust game prices accordingly.
Steam's price hike is definitely a major blow to gamers in Argentina and Turkey. For those with a limited budget, buying a cheap Steam account may be a good option.


How to deal with it

Buy cheap Steam accounts: You can buy cheap Steam accounts on some unofficial websites.
Buy discounted games: Steam often offers discounts, and players can take advantage of these opportunities to buy games.
Buy fewer games: Some gamers are choosing to buy fewer games as a result of the increase in game prices.


Steam's price hike has had a significant impact on players in regions such as Argentina and Turkey. Players can take these steps in response to the price increase, which Steam says is designed to reflect the local economy. However, players in Argentina and Turkey do not agree with this statement, and believe that Steam is simply capitalizing on local economic woes. At this point, it's unclear whether Steam will continue to increase the prices of games in Argentina and Turkey in the future. If Steam continues to raise prices, then players in Argentina and Turkey will face even more pressure.