Elden Ring DLC Mysterious Update Sparks New Round of Speculation

With a mysterious update appearing on the Elden Ring Steam page, fans are excited about the arrival of the highly anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.


The update was added on January 11th, and it adds a new file called "Unknown Application." The file is 104KB in size, which is the same size as the Elden Ring pre-order bonus bundle that was added to the game in May 2022.


While it is currently unclear what this new file is, it has sparked speculation among fans about the possibility of Shadow of the Erdtree's imminent arrival.


Shadow of the Erdtree was first announced in February 2023, but FromSoftware has not yet announced its release date. However, many fans believe it will launch in February 2024, to coincide with the Elden Ring's anniversary of release.


If this new file is indeed related to Shadow of the Erdtree, then it could provide a clue to the DLC's release. If the file was added just before the game's release, then it could contain details about the DLC's content.


Of course, it is also possible that this new file is related to other content for Elden Ring, such as an upcoming update or patch. However, considering the file's size and its similarity to the Elden Ring pre-order bonus bundle, it is more likely to be related to Shadow of the Erdtree.


Regardless of what this new file is, it has fans excited about the future of Elden Ring. With the development of Shadow of the Erdtree progressing smoothly, fans won't have to wait too long to return to the lands of Liurnia.


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