Arlecchino and Clorinde Kit Details in Genshin Impact

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed more details about two upcoming characters, Arlecchino and Clorinde. Since the Fontaine region arrived, HoYoverse has been introducing at least two characters in each of their subsequent updates. The only exception will be the upcoming version 4.5, which will only add one new playable unit, the Geo user, Chiori.


Since their appearance in the official storyline, Arlecchino and Clorinde have become two of the most popular characters in the Genshin Impact fan base. Being the main antagonist of the Fontaine arc so far, it's understandable that many fans are eager to see Arlecchino join the playable roster.


A new post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed more details about Arlecchino and Clorinde, two characters who are expected to join the roster in the following months. Regarding their respective elements, their in-game appearances have confirmed that Arlecchino is a Pyro user while Clorinde has an Electro Vision. Here is a summary of all the info provided in the leak:


Clorinde is described as "Cyno 2.0" but much stronger.

Compared to Cyno, Clorinde's Elemental Skill will be much more useful.

Clorinde's Constellations will have high returns and leveling them allows this character to work outside the Overload reaction.

Arlecchino won't be reliant on her Elemental Burst.

Chevreuse will be featured on both characters' limited banners.


Genshin Impact Arlecchino and Clorinde Playstyles


The fact that Clorinde is described as Cyno 2.0 means that she will probably best fit for the main DPS role. This indicates that her Elemental Burst could allow her to enter a special state that enhances the damage potential of her other attacks. However, compared to other characters that have a similar playstyle, Clorinde seems to be a much more flexible Genshin Impact character, as the leak described her kit as more "AFK-based" which means that she could also be a decent fit for the support role.


Even though Arlecchino has been introduced as a Pyro user, some fans still speculate that she might get the ability to control a different element. One of the main antagonists in Genshin Impact's Sumeru arc, Scaramouche, now known as Wanderer, used to be an Electro user before receiving an Anemo Vision.


While there is still no official information about their exact release date, the leak mentions that the two won't appear in the same version of the game. This makes sense since HoYoverse usually avoids featuring two popular Genshin Impact characters on subsequent Limited Character Banners.