Battle Boss Champions: Take the Fight to the Top in League of Legends

The Battle Boss skin line in League of Legends features champions reimagined as epic video game bosses, each with unique visual and sound design twists on their abilities.


Here's a glimpse into the champions who currently don the Battle Boss mantle:


Brand: Transformed into a fiery fiend, Brand unleashes scorching attacks and leaves a trail of flames in his wake.


Ziggs: This yordle bomb enthusiast becomes a mechanized bomber, launching explosive ordinance and piloting a rocket-powered battle suit.


Malzahar: This void prophet embodies a corrupted overlord, manipulating voidlings and wielding dark magic to dominate the battlefield.


Blitzcrank: This mechanized champion receives a robotic upgrade, featuring enhanced weaponry and imposing size to intimidate foes.


Yasuo: The Unforgiven Swordsman becomes a legendary warrior, wielding a spectral blade and striking down enemies with swift, decisive blows.


Qiyana: This elementalist empress takes on a regal Battle Boss form, commanding elemental forces and dominating the battlefield with grace and power.


Bel'Veth: The newest addition to the Battle Boss lineup, Bel'Veth transforms into a monstrous empress, commanding void creatures and manipulating the battlefield with her dark influence.


Each Battle Boss skin boasts unique visual effects, animations, and sound design, offering players a chance to experience their favorite champions in a whole new light. Whether you prefer fiery infernos, explosive mayhem, or void-infused domination, the Battle Boss skin line has something for every League of Legends player.