Genshin Impact Chart Shows Primogem and Wish Count for Version 4.5

A new Genshin Impact leak has revealed the number of Primogems and wishes players will be able to get for free during the upcoming version 4.5. Primogems are considered the most important item in the game, as they allow players to acquire new characters and weapons from the gacha banners.


Players usually spend most of their Primogems on limited banners that feature different playable characters every few weeks. Even though wishing on Genshin Impact's banner is the main source of revenue for the developer, HoYoverse still allows players to get a lot of stuff for free by completing some simple tasks.

A new post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed the number of free wishes and Primogems players will be able to get during the upcoming version 4.5. According to the post, Genshin Impact players will be offered free Primogems for participating in the following events and activities:

4.5 Main Quest: 120

Limited Time Event: 2260

Daily Commissions: 2520

Star Dust Exchange: 800

5-star Trial Challenge: 80

Completing the Spiral Abyss: 1800

New Achievements: 30

HoYoLAB Logins: 80

Version 4.6 Livestream Codes: 300

4.5 Update maintenance compensation: 600

Additional Codes: 60

Web Event: 200

Twitch Drops: 30

Total: 8880 Primogems or 55 Intertwined Fates


Players who plan to purchase or already have the Welkin Moon bonus active will be granted 4200 additional Primogems, which equals 26 wishes. Travelers who complete all the above-mentioned activities and get the Welkin Moon, as well as Genshin Impact's battle pass, will get 90 wishes in total across the whole update. This is enough to get at least one five-star character since these units have a pity system that guarantees a drop within 90 wishes.


Which Character Will Arrive in Genshin Impact 4.5?

The only new roster addition in this update will be the Geo user Chiori, who has already made multiple appearances in the game's main storyline. She is known as a famous fashion designer from Inazuma who currently resides in the Hydro nation. When it comes to her power on the field, Chiori is expected to be a support or sub-DPS character depending on the team composition.


While HoYoverse did not specify her exact release date, rumors suggest she will be placed on the first banner cycle of Genshin Impact version 4.5, which should drop around mid-March. There is still no official information on which five-stars will join Chiori in 4.5, but fans hope that the powerful Hydro DPS Neuvillette could get his first banner re-run in this update.