Last Epoch class tier list – all classes ranked

What are the best Last Epoch classes? 

Having spent a fair few hours with each Last Epoch class, we have a reasonably good idea of which one you should pick up for your first run through the campaign. While the masteries for each one are a chance to pivot to an entirely new playstyle, the chances are that you want to know where best to start.

Defining which Last Epoch classes are the best for specific roles, such as endgame spelunking through dungeons, PvP duels, or wiping out tough bosses with ease, is tricky as everyone’s just as capable, thanks to the masteries. A lot of the time, though, you’ll need to rely on your chosen specialism and build as a whole. One way to do that is by checking our Last Epoch crafting guide for tips on affixes, glyphs, and runes. Read on if you’re just starting the RPG game and want to know who to choose.

Last Epoch tier list

There are five Last Epoch classes: Acolyte, Mage, Primalist, Rogue, and Sentinel. Here we’ve ranked them from best to worst:






Ranged specialist with elemental spells in all masteries



Melee or ranged attacker with high damage potential



Uses necrotic-based spells and is highly adaptable



Uses nature-based skills to become a fierce melee fighter



Melee specialist with adaptable masteries


What is the best Last Epoch class?

The best class in the early game is the Mage. The base Mage has the easiest time in our experience at the beginning of the game with powerful elemental spells they can cast to annihilate enemies or protect themselves from harm.

On top of that, Mages have some fantastic masteries they can spec into that grant them access to powerful magic that, with the right build, you can easily exploit.

Early on, they do require some movement to ensure they survive elemental attacks or tough melee swings from bosses, but once you get the right items, things should kick into gear by the time you choose your mastery. They are the most consistent class among the five for best build potential in the endgame and give the most options for ranged Last Epoch builds.

Best Last Epoch melee class

While the Mage can spec into a melee build, the most consistently decent melee class is the Rogue. Yes, they have a mastery dedicated to ranged attacks, too, but their base skills complement their knife-based techniques, helping them escape danger with smoke bombs and dashes. The Sentinel and Primalist are tankier classes, but they do less damage overall in the early game.

The other good thing about this class is that two of the three masteries pair well with melee weapons, and particularly with the Falconer, you can use traps to get the jump on more threatening foes. Most of the best endgame builds for this class focus on the two melee-based masteries, so be sure you want to commit to this playstyle before choosing the Rogue.

Last Epoch masteries

When you reach the End of Time roughly a few hours into the campaign, you must choose between your chosen class’s three masteries. This choice will unlock the second half of that mastery’s skill tree and its most potent buffs and abilities. You still get access to the first half of the skill trees for the ones you didn’t choose, just in case they’re relevant to your build.

Here are all the Last Epoch masteries and a brief description of what types of abilities they have:


· Acolyte

· Necromancer – summons an army of the damned to fight their battles.

· Lich – uses their health to transform into a Reaper or cast forbidden skills.

· Warlock – a master of the forbidden arts who knows fire and necrotic spells.

· Mage

· Sorcerer – learned the arcane arts to summon apocalyptic spells.

· Spellblade – combines arcane magic with a new melee-based focus.

· Runemaster – a highly-mobile mage that uses collected runes for potent spells.

· Primalist

· Beastmaster – leads a pack of beasts and channels their fury.

· Shaman – calls upon the powers of nature and storm totems.

· Druid – assumes the form of the most feared creatures in Eterra.

· Rogue

· Bladedancer – melee-focused DPS that uses knives and swift strikes.

· Marksman – a ranged-focussed attacker that fires volleys of arrows at all targets.

· Falconer – a status-based subclass that uses a bird and traps to manage crowds.

· Sentinel

· Void Knight – embrace the darkness and leave behind dark voids to consume foes left behind.

· Forge Guard – create companions with the power of your equipment

· Paladin – use the power of the almighty to smite foes with hammers and heal yourself and your allies.


Those are all the best Last Epoch classes and their masteries explained. If you want to ensure you only get stuff that’s relevant to you, be sure to set up some Last Epoch loot filters early on.