Last Epoch: Autumnal Wrap and Bee Pets Update - Available Now!

Calling all Last Epoch players! We've got some buzzing news about the promised in-game rewards.


What's the Update?


The Autumnal Wrap, a cosmetic cape, and three adorable Bee pets are now being granted to all Last Epoch players who played the game before March 1st, 2024. This is a token of appreciation from the developers for your support during the launch period.


How to Claim Your Rewards


There's no need to claim these rewards manually. If you qualify (played before March 1st), you'll automatically receive the Autumnal Wrap and Bee pets upon logging into the game.


Haven't Played Before March 1st?


No worries! You can still experience the thrill of Last Epoch and all its content. Just hop on the game and start your adventure. While the deadline to qualify for the launch rewards has passed, you'll still have access to a vast array of items and customization options as you progress.


Time to Buzz into Adventure!


With the servers now stable, the developers are focused on delivering these promised cosmetics. So, fire up Last Epoch, equip your new Autumnal Wrap, and explore the world with your bee companions by your side. Happy adventuring!