How much is my LoL account worth?

All our League of Legends accounts mean something to us, especially those we’ve been playing on since the early 2010s, with all those super-rare champion skins and icons. Our accounts are like a history book detailing all our wins, losses, and incredible ranked glory.


While many players want to hold on to their valuable League accounts, others are more inclined to cash in, especially if they’re walking away from the game.


That leaves just one question⁠—how much is your League account really worth? Well, it boils down to a few key factors, including how much you’ve leveled it up, how many skins and champions you’ve unlocked, which lofty rank you’re currently playing at (it’s OK, we know you’re secretly Bronze), how much currency you have, and more. you can check LOL Account AI Calculator.


What determines a League account’s worth?


There are plenty of factors that go into deciding a League account’s value, but there are five metrics that play the biggest roles⁠—level, champions and skins, rank, the server it’s linked to, and currency. Some are weighted a little more than others depending on the buyer, but they’re all fairly key.



Account level

This one is the simplest of all the factors: the higher your League account’s level is, the more valuable it is. Account buyers like to avoid grinding if they can, so high levels can add $10 to $20 to the price.


Number of champions/skins

Champions are one of the core metrics for any account sale because players like to have access to as many as possible. Right now, there are nearly 170 champions on the expansive League roster; the closer you are to owning every one of them, the more your account is going to be worth. Having said that, those who play the game regularly shouldn’t have trouble owning all the champions, as unlocking them with Blue Essence is relatively easy.


The same goes for any League skins, as the more you have, the more valuable your account will be. Certain skins are very rare or totally unavailable today, which only adds to your account’s value further.


League skins worth the most money

UFO Corki skin in League of Legends.

A few skins, like UFO Corki, are barely seen in games nowadays.


If you own any of the following League skins, especially competitive ones like Victorious, your account will command a far higher price:


Silver Kayle

Young Ryze

Black Alistar

Rusty Blitzcrank

UFO Corki

King Rammus

Riot Squad Singed

Judgement Kayle

Soulstealer Vayne

Lancer Zero Hecarim

Dreadnova Darius

Dark Star Cho’Gath

Victorious skins—Jarvan IV (rewarded to any Gold or higher League players in 2011 season), Janna (2012), Elise (2013), Morgana (2014), Sivir (2015), Maokai (2016), Graves (2017), Orianna (2018), Aatrox (2019), Lucian (2020), Blitzcrank (2021), Sejuani (2022)

Hextech skins⁠—Amumu, Kassadin, Nocturne, Rammus, Sejuani, Swain, Tristana, Poppy, Malazahar, Kog’Maw, Jarvan, Renekton, Ziggs

PAX skins—Twisted Fate, Jax, Sivir

Neo Pax Sivir



Any vaulted League skins like past Prestige variants will also add a higher price to the accounts they’re available on.


Competitive rank

This is where your profile is ranked on the competitive ladder. Buyers will be looking for higher-ranked accounts, so Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond fetch a higher price. Top-level ranks like Challenger and Master can command price tags of over $100 or $200, and that’s before you even look at any other factors.



The rule is the higher the better, but there is one exception; players looking to do “Iron to Challenger” runs will pay a lot more for accounts already at Iron, so anything in the depths will run up a $50 to $100 premium.


But, with League’s calendar years being broken into more splits, competitive ranks have stopped being such a major part of your account’s worth. They still contribute to a certain extent, though.



Riot server

The immense League player base is split across more than a dozen servers around the globe, including several in Europe, with dedicated platforms across Asia, like Korea, China, and Japan, and in North America, Brazil, Oceania, and more. The bigger and more popular the server, the more valuable your account will be, especially regions considered top-class like Korea.


Premium servers include:


North America

Europe West


China (transfers are not available


Accounts on other League servers are worth less.


Blue Essence and Riot Points


These are the two League currencies that let you buy champions and rune pages, and level up your character masteries (Blue Essence) and collect skins, buy Hextech Chests, unlock event bundles, and more (Riot Points). The more of these currencies you have in your account, the more valuable it will be.


The more currencies you have, the more is your account worth.