What is a Progressive Summon Event in RAID:shadow legends?

Are you a seasoned RAID: Shadow Legends player tired of pulling countless two-star champions with your hard-earned Shards? Progressive Summon Events might be the answer to your prayers!  These limited-time events offer a strategic approach to upping your chances of summoning those coveted high-rarity champions.


How Progressive Summon Events Work:


Boost Your Champion of Choice: Unlike traditional increased-chance events that affect the entire champion pool, Progressive Events allow you to select a specific champion you desire.

The More You Summon, The Better Your Odds: With each Shard you summon during the event, the chance of pulling your chosen champion progressively increases. This means the more you participate, the better your odds become of landing that game-changing Legendary.

Multiple Shard Rarity Support: Progressive Events typically work with Ancient Shards, Sacred Shards, and even Void Shards, giving you flexibility depending on the champion pool and your resources.


Why Progressive Summon Events Are a Game Changer:


Targeted Acquisition: Forget random chance! Focus your efforts on acquiring the specific champion you need to elevate your team.

Improved Efficiency: By strategically using your Shards during the event, you maximize your chances of getting the champion you truly desire.

Planning and Patience Rewarded: These events cater to players who strategically save their Shards for optimal opportunities.


Important things to Remember:


Limited-Time Events: Progressive Summon Events are not permanent fixtures in RAID: Shadow Legends. They are special promotions, so take advantage of them when they appear.

Shards Still Required: While the odds improve, these events don't guarantee you'll pull your chosen champion. Patience and resource management are still key.


If you need, you can buy Raid:shadow legends accounts on iGV, progressive Summon Events simply offer a welcome boost to your journey!