Valorant's New Agent "Clove": Leaked Abilities and Release Date Revealed

Calling all Valorant Agents! Prepare to get schooled by a cunning strategist with a surprising arsenal. Leaked information hints at the arrival of Agent 25, codenamed "Clove," bringing a unique blend of mobility and control to the battlefield.

A Mischievous Scot with a Pink Swagger

While Riot Games remains tight-lipped, whispers from industry insiders paint a picture of Clove. Imagine a young woman from Scotland, sporting a vibrant pink jacket and a mischievous grin. But don't be fooled by her playful demeanor. Clove is a master manipulator, capable of turning the tide of battle with her tactical prowess.

Phantom-like Abilities: Die Today, Fight Tomorrow?

The leaks suggest Clove's abilities might revolve around deception and surprise. Rumors point towards a potential resurrection ability, allowing her to cheat death and return to the fight.  This aligns with earlier hints about butterflies and caterpillars, symbolizing transformation and rebirth.

Teleportation or Super Speed? The Plot Thickens

Adding another layer of mystery, the information suggests Clove might possess some form of teleportation or exceptional speed.  Imagine vanishing in the blink of an eye, leaving enemies bewildered and scrambling for defense.

Confirmed: Clove Joins the Controller Ranks

One crucial detail confirmed by the leak is Clove's role as a Controller. This means she'll join the ranks of agents like Omen, manipulating the battlefield to create tactical advantages for her team.

Brace Yourselves: Clove Arrives in Late March

While a new Act typically ushers in new Valorant agents, Riot Games is taking a different approach with Clove.  Following the recent Act 2 release, the wait won't be long. Clove will be officially revealed during the VCT Masters Madrid Grand Finals on March 24th, with an expected in-game release by late March.

Ready to Embrace the Clove Era?

As the Valorant landscape prepares to shift with Clove's arrival,  it's the perfect time to bolster your arsenal. Purchase a premium Valorant account to fulfill your needs and propel you to victory with the latest agents.

While the information presented is based on leaks and rumors, it has not been officially confirmed by Riot Games. Treat the details with caution and stay tuned for the official reveal.