Valorant Episode 8 Act 2: Shake Up Your Game with a New Map Pool

Valorant's diverse maps keep the gameplay fresh, but not all are available at once. Here's the scoop on the current map rotation for Episode 8 Act 2!

Dive into Seven Unique Battlefields

Episode 8 Act 2 features a selection of seven maps, offering a variety of strategic challenges:

Ascent - A multi-level map with tight corridors and open areas, perfect for both close-quarters combat and long-range showdowns.
Bind - Teleporters and one-way smokes create a tactical labyrinth, rewarding strategic thinking and map awareness.
Breeze - Wide-open spaces and rolling hills make Breeze ideal for mastering long-range gunplay and flanking maneuvers.
Icebox - Navigate icy corridors and precarious ziplines on this industrial map, where flanking routes and verticality are key.
Lotus (New!) - Explore a vibrant ancient ruin with unique mechanics like decaying doors, offering fresh strategic opportunities.
Split - A classic three-lane map with distinct areas, perfect for honing your fundamentals and mastering map control.
Sunset - A visually stunning map with a focus on mid-range combat and strategic use of cover.

Understanding the Map Pool Rotation

This rotation affects Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Swift Play. Team Deathmatch, with its unique maps, remains unaffected.

Pro Play and the Rotation

The professional scene might have a different map pool to allow teams time to adjust to changes. So, you might see pros playing on a map not yet available in your ranked games.

What's Next for the Map Pool?

While Riot keeps future rotations under wraps, we can make some educated guesses. Fracture and Pearl, absent since Episode 6, might be making a comeback. Conversely, maps like Lotus, Ascent, and Split, present in several recent episodes, could be due for a break.

Ready to Conquer the New Valorant Landscape?

Master the current map pool and dominate the competition! If you're looking to jump into Valorant or elevate your existing account, consider purchasing a Valorant account that fits your needs and skill level. With the right account, you can unlock new agents, cosmetics, and dive straight into the heart of the action!