Valorant's Newest Butterfly: Clove's Design Revealed!

Get ready to control the battlefield with a splash of pink! Valorant's highly anticipated Agent 25, codenamed Clove, is finally having their character design unveiled. This leak, coupled with the news of Clove being the game's first non-binary agent, is sending shockwaves through the Valorant community.

Aesthetics to Match the Hype

Clove's design lives up to the pre-release buzz. Leaked images show them hanging confidently in a world of pinks, purples, and fluttering butterflies. Their outfit features a stylish cropped jacket, a backpack, and a black tattoo choker, with a delicate butterfly earring completing the look.

This lighter aesthetic is a welcome departure from Valorant's usual darkness. Fans who've been clamoring for "pink" and "girly" representation are celebrating wildly. Clove seems to be everything the community has been hoping for!

More Than Just Looks: Filling the Controller Role

It's not just about the looks, though. Clove arrives as Valorant's first new Controller since Harbor in late 2022. This means players will have a fresh option for strategically controlling sightlines and dictating engagements. With the rise of double-Controller compositions, Clove promises to unlock exciting new tactics and creative plays.


Diversity in Every Sense

Clove not only expands the agent roster to 24 (following the additions of Gekko, Deadlock, and Iso in 2023) but also brings long-awaited diversity to the game. Their reveal as non-binary is a positive step towards inclusivity.

While specifics of Clove's abilities (including a rumored self-revive) are yet to be confirmed, leaked names like "Pick Me Up" and "Flight Path" hint at some intriguing possibilities.


Catch the Official Reveal and Secure Your Agent Early!

Clove is expected to arrive in late March or early April, with the official reveal happening during a stream at the Masters Madrid Grand Finals on March 24th, 2024.

Eager to dominate the battlefield with Clove? Consider getting a head start!  Valorant accounts with a variety of agents unlocked are available for purchase online. Imagine climbing the ranks with Clove by your side – the possibilities are endless!