New Equipment Sets Supercharge Your Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends' Dragonheir

Raid: Shadow Legends' Season 3, Dragonheir: Silent Gods, throws down the gauntlet with exciting new content. A key addition is the introduction of fresh equipment sets, offering strategic customization for your champion builds. This guide highlights the hottest sets to elevate your team's performance and dominate the arena.


Damage Sets: Grave of Venom


Rhapsodist Set:


2-piece Effect: ATK% +15% & Attack Speed +20%


3-piece Effect: The wearers basic attack ignores 20% of the targets Defense.


The Rhapsodist set will thrive for heroes who benefit from a huge amount of Attack Speed, the most notable damage type for this set will be Dauntless, however, the new damage types may also fall into this, but currently weve only just received test server access so havent had much time to test the new types yet.



Unclean Set:


2-piece Effect: ATK% +15% & Enlightenment +30


3-piece Effect: Increases Derivative Damage dealt by the wearer by 20%.


This new set screams trouble, with derivative damage dealers already doing a huge amount of damage in the game on bosses, were talking the likes of Flora, Ivellios and many others, this set will be a huge benefit to them, allowing them to excel even further in the game with a flat 20% increase to their primary source of damage.


Aerial Ruler Set:


2-piece Effect: ATK% +15% & Crit Rate +10%


3-piece Effect: The wearer gains an additional 4 attack for every 1 Crit Damage they have.


This set replaces the Inventor set of season 2, and on paper could be pretty tasty, although youre losing the potential of 32% Damage Bonus, you are gaining a huge amount of ATK, especially later in the game when youre able to really pump your builds full of stats, this set alone could see damage dealers gain upwards of 750 Bonus attack!



Emperor Set:


2-piece Effect: ATK% +15% & Skill Haste +20.


3-piece Effect: When the wearer deals damage to an enemy with lower Attack, the current damage will be increased based on the difference value of Attack. When the wearers Attack reaches 200% of that of the target, the damage bonus will be increased to the maximum value; 50%.


A familiar face from Season 2, the Emperor set really began to shine ahead of any other damage set in the final couple of weeks of the season with the Mekkatorque Boss, with all of the adds spawning seemingly having very little attack, you were gaining full benefit of this sets bonus, hopefully it will retain its value in season 3 and will be a go-to set again!



Support Sets: Grave of Curse/Grave of Rot



Tundra Set:


2-piece Effect: Skill Haste +20 & HP% +15%.


3-piece Effect: Reduces damage taken by the wearer by 25% when that damage does not trigger a critical hit.


The Tundra set comes into season 3 as a brand new set, and some may be unhappy about this addition due to the fact it replaces the Cyril Set from Season 2, which was used to apply Increase ATK on your team when applying a debuff, which could be seen as a pretty big loss, however, in terms of the sets personal merits, this seems very strong for your tanks, and potentially game changing if you are fighting game-modes or enemies that deal a lot of derivative damage, as it will permanently reduce the incoming damage by 25%!


Ancestral Protection Set:


2-piece Effect: Resistance +60 & HP% +15%.


3-piece Effect: The wearer takes 15% of the damage that otherwise would be taken by allies while gaining 15% Damage Reduction. Only one character may trigger the damage reduction effect for the same team.


Ancestral Protection is a set that has survived every season so far of Dragonheir, and it is so impactful, with one of these sets in your team, you are reducing all incoming damage significantly. It is almost a staple set in every area of content, whether it be your tank, or your healer you want to aim to have one of these sets in play when youre dealing with content that has a large amount of incoming damage.


Puppeteer Set:


2-piece Effect: Accuracy +40 & Skill Haste +20.


3-piece Effect: Allies around the wearer gain a Defense Up equal to 15% of the wearers Defense. And the first time these alliesHP drops below 50%, they receive [+20% Targets Max HP] healing.


Puppeteer is another set thats brand new in Season 3, and unfortunately, its addition is overshadowed by the fact that it has replaced the beloved Stun Set, many peoples go-to set for all of Fey Meander, Pillar of Trials and Arena well, nothing we can do about that, so lets give Puppeteer a chance, and well, on high-defense allies, this could provide a really large chunk of defensive stats to the rest of the team, as well as a safety blanket with a top-up heal that could potentially save lives!


Monelisse Set:


2-piece Effect: Accuracy +40 & Skill Haste +20.


3-piece Effect: After casting an Ultimate Skill, the wearer heals the ally with the currently lowest percentage of HP by [+15% Max HP].


Monelisse is the final returning set from Season 2, and was very frequently used, often negating the need for a full-blown healer completely, if you were able to slot 1-2 of these sets in your team as well as some defensive support, whether that be in the form of shields or just damage mitigation, it would fill in the gaps and keep your team healthy, so seeing this return is a great feeling as I am certain it will be utilized again this season! Buy Raid:shadow legends account on iGV and play with your mates!