Don't Troll Your Team: Worst Picks for One for All in League of Legends

One for All is a wild and wacky game mode in League of Legends where you and your friends all lock in the same champion. It's a perfect time to unleash some silly strategies and have a good laugh, but not all champions are created equal in this chaotic environment.


While some champions dominate the One for All meta, others are just asking for trouble. Picking the wrong champ can turn a fun game mode into a frustrating experience for everyone.  That's why, before you hop into the queue and snag a random LoL account


Here's a rundown of the five worst picks you can make in One for All:

Elise (33.37% WR):

 Elise is a jungler at heart, and her kit simply doesn't translate well to laning.  Her single CC ability and weak stats make her a sitting duck against most champions in a solo lane.

Yuumi (5.60% WR):  

Yuumi's entire existence revolves around attaching herself to a teammate and buffing them up. With no one to attach to in One for All, she's basically useless. Her low base stats and lack of damage make her a burden in any lane.

Draven (28.16% WR):  

Draven thrives on snowballing his lead in lane by collecting minion kills and stacking his axe.  In One for All, both Dravens will be fighting over the same resources, making it nearly impossible for either of them to get strong.

Ivern (27.01% WR):

There's simply no room for five junglers in One for All. Ivern's kit is built around clearing camps and providing utility to his team,  which becomes irrelevant when everyone is trying to fight in the lane.

Kha'Zix (28.27% WR):  

Kha'Zix is an assassin who relies on picking off isolated targets.  In One for All, teams tend to stick together more, making it difficult for him to find those solo kills.  Additionally, his reliance on penetration items to shred through tanks becomes a major drawback when facing a team composition built to counter him.


Looking for a Fun LoL Account?

While these champions might be best left on the bench in One for All, they can still be a blast to play in other game modes. If you're looking to expand your champion pool or find a new main, consider checking out reputable online marketplaces where you can buy LoL accounts . Just be sure to do your research and choose a trusted seller!