Best Champions for Raid: Shadow Legends (2024 Update)

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Dominating the Endgame: Top-Tier Champions for Every Role


Now, let's delve into the champions who will propel you towards Raid glory! Here's a breakdown of the best champions for various roles in the 2024 meta, categorized by rarity:


Legendary Champions: The holy grail of Raid, Legendary champions offer unparalleled power and versatility. Here are some standouts:


Arbiter (Heiress): The undisputed queen of Raid, Arbiter grants your entire team an extra turn meter boost, significantly accelerating your turn rotation. This allows you to control the battlefield, buff allies, and unleash devastating attacks before the enemy can even react.

Bad-el-Kazar (Underworld Hippocrat): A powerhouse in all areas, Bad-el-Kazar boasts an incredible combination of buffs, debuffs, and raw damage output. He can heal your team, place decrease attack on enemies, and nuke them down with his powerful AOE (Area of Effect) attacks.

Acrizia (Deathwave Lavagirl): A top-tier crowd controller, Acrizia excels at manipulating turn meter and shutting down enemy teams. Her ability to freeze enemy turn meters and place AoE sleep can completely stall enemy progress, allowing you to pick them off one by one.



Legendary Alternatives: Not everyone has the luck to pull Legendaries early on. Here are some exceptional Epic champions who can hold their own in the endgame:


Royal Guard (Orcus): An absolute damage monster, Royal Guard can dish out obscene amounts of single-target punishment. He's perfect for Clan Boss battles and taking down tough bosses.

Rhazin Scarhide (Skinwalker): A versatile champion with a strong focus on poisons, Rhazin is a staple in many endgame teams. He can apply heavy debuffs, weaken enemies, and deal significant damage over time with his poisons.

Scyl of the Drakes (Drakefire): This support powerhouse excels at keeping your team alive. Her ability to heal, revive fallen allies, and place shields makes her invaluable in all content, especially dungeons and Clan Boss battles.

Building a Balanced Team: Filling Out Your Roster


Beyond the top champions, building a well-rounded team requires heroes who excel in specific roles:


Campaign Farmers: These champions excel at quickly clearing campaign stages for leveling and gear farming. Look for champions with strong AoE attacks and survivability, such as Athel (Rare) or Galek (Rare).

Arena Nukers: Dominate the PvP scene with champions who can dish out massive single-target damage. Champions like Skullcrown (Legendary) or Tayrel (Epic) can one-shot enemies with the right gear setup.

Debuffers: Champions who weaken enemies with attack down, decrease defense, and other debuffs are crucial for maximizing your damage output. Consider champions like Rhazin Scarhide (Epic) or Doompriest (Rare) for this role.

Synergy is Key: Optimizing Your Team Composition


Remember, the best champions are only as good as the team they're in. Look for champions who complement each other's strengths. For example, pair a champion who places decrease defense with a nuker to maximize their damage output. Additionally, consider team aura buffs that enhance specific stats for your entire party.


Experimentation and adaptation are key to success. So, experiment with different team compositions, find what works best for your playstyle, and dominate the battlefield.