Fortnite Update Balances Snipers and More

Fortnite's newest balancing update nerfs the Reaper Sniper Rifle and Frenzy Auto Shotgun while buffing the Chains of Hades and Waterbending. The patch also makes a change to Hand Cannons, which were re-introduced to Fortnite with Chapter 5 Season 2.


Fortnite's new Waterbending Mythic was added with the Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover's launch on April 2. While completing quests to unlock the event's two Korra skins, users will likely run into the Mythic item at some point. Waterbending can be found in chests or on the ground and allows users to hurl icy projectiles at enemies. It also provides a passive ability that restores health while in water. However, only three days after Waterbending's introduction, the Mythic item has already received a substantial change. You can purchase a mature Fortnite account on iGV to join the battle more quickly.


Waterbending's projectiles now move at a significantly faster speed and have an increased fire rate and damage per strike. The Chains of Hades was also buffed by making its melee combo and pull attack deal more damage. As for the update's nerfs, the Reaper Sniper Rifle's bullet speed and drop rate in chests were both reduced. The sniper's bullet speed change resulted in a massive bullet drop increase of 116%. Additionally, the Frenzy Auto Shotgun's fire rate and headshot multiplier were lowered. The update's final change increases the drop rate of Hand Cannons and allows them to spawn in rare chests.


Changes Seen in Fortnite's Newest Balancing Update


  • Reaper Sniper Rifle's bullet speed and chest drop rate reduced

  • Frenzy Auto Shotgun's fire rate and headshot multiplier reduced

  • Waterbending's projectile speed, fire rate, and damage per strike increased

  • Chains of Hades' melee combo and pull attack damage increased

  • Hand Cannon's drop rate increased and added to rare chests


The sniper nerf is probably the biggest change in this update, as the weapon class often draws criticism from fans. However, a 116% increase in bullet drop significantly hampers its long-range effectiveness, so it remains to be seen how popular this change will end up being. Recently, Fortnite fans shared the opinion that Bows should have replaced the Reaper Sniper Rifle as this season's standard long-range option, as the older weapon fits the current theme of Greek mythology much better.


Fortnite's Chains of Hades are now a much stronger option thanks to its combo damage buffs. Its first two hits now deal 15 more damage each, its third hit deals 10 more damage, and its chain throw deals 20 more damage. With these changes, the Chains can now knock an enemy with full shields if hit with the initial throw and an entire combo.


As fans continue enjoying the Avatar-themed event, one of Fortnite's future crossovers may have recently leaked. An insider claimed that a Planet of the Apes collaboration is coming to Epic's battle royale sometime in the future, which seems plausible seeing that Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is releasing in May.