Apex Legends Season 21 Leaks Hint at Wild New Features

Thinking about buying an Apex Legends account to jump into the fray of Season 21? You might want to hold off for a bit. With leaks suggesting some massive changes to the core gameplay, the landscape of Apex Legends could be unrecognizable come May.


The biggest leak comes from Apex Legends insider, Osvaldatore, who previously revealed details about the upcoming Legend, Alter. This time, Osvaldatore is teasing some features that could fundamentally alter how you play the game.


Akimbo for Everyone?


One of the most intriguing leaks comes from Apex Legends insider, Osvaldatore. Their intel points to the introduction of akimbo weapons, a long-requested feature by players. Imagine wielding dual P2020s or Mozambique shotguns! According to the leak, this would occupy just one weapon slot, allowing you to maintain a traditional two-weapon setup.

This is particularly exciting for those early-game scrambles. No longer will finding just a P2020 feel like a death sentence. Akimbo weapons could make these early-stage sidearms much more viable, potentially shaking up the meta.  Of course, questions remain. How will hop-ups work with akimbo weapons? Which other guns, if any, might be compatible?


Squad Up or Fly Solo?


Beyond akimbo mayhem, Osvaldatore also hints at a permanent Quads mode. This would be a welcome addition for players who prefer larger squads. While Ranked currently offers a three-player mode, a permanent Quads mode would cater to those who enjoy the full-on, four-person battle royale experience.

The leak also throws a genuine surprise our way: a potential Solos mode. This is a major departure from Respawn's past stance. They've previously expressed concerns about balancing issues and the mode not aligning with the core team-based structure of Apex Legends. However, the popularity of Solos in other battle royales suggests there might be a dedicated player base for it in Apex Legends as well.


A Grain of Salt


It's important to remember that these are leaks, not confirmed information. While Osvaldatore has a history of accurate leaks, Respawn can always change course. Still, the potential for akimbo weapons, Quads, and Solos injects a thrilling dose of speculation into the upcoming season.

Are you an Apex Legends player with a dream account stacked with heirlooms and legendary skins? Whether you crave the chaos of akimbo weapons or the challenge of Solos, Season 21 is shaping up to be a season of exciting possibilities. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Respawn in the coming weeks!