Fortnite: In One Second To Get Mythic Weapon | Chapter 5 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is here, and besides a lot of other stuff, the Fortnite map got a few new locations and new Mythic Fortnite weapons. We'll show you how to get them all.

The Mythic weapons are all in the possession of enemy NPC bosses. However, there are usually other enemies spawning nearby, so make sure you equip yourself well before fighting them. If you want to get these weapons quickly, you may consider buying Fortnite accounts on iGV.

In addition to the Mythic weapons, the bosses also drop the Aspect of the Gods Medallions once they have been defeated. These have different effects and will not give you shield like in the former season. However, they still reveal your position on the map.

So let's not talk for long. Let's dive into the locations of Fortnite's Mythic weapons.


Zeus' Huntress DMR

You get Zeus' Huntress DMR by challenging and defeating Zeus. He is located in the top building on Mount Olympus. You can find the place in the southeast of the Fortnite map.

To challenge him, you must push the statue from its pedestal. Afterward, you have to defeat Zeus, then his minions, and Zeus again. After that, he drops his medallion and the Mythic Huntress DMR for you.


Ares' Warforged Assault Rifle

You find the war god Ares south of Mount Olympus in Brawler's Battleground. Before you fight Ares himself, you have to deal with a wave of minions.

When you defeat him, you will receive his Mythic Warforged Assault Rifle.


Cerberus' Gatekeeper Shotgun

You find Cerberus in Grim Gate, west of Restored Reels. After you defeat him and his pack, you'll receive the Mythic Gatekeeper Shotgun.


Hades' Harbinger SMG

You can find the god of the underworld, Hades, in The Underworld. The location is at the far-west of the Fortnite map. In his throne room, you first fight two waves of minions and then him with a last wave of minions.

Try to always hide behind a wall, as Hades will otherwise drain your life with his life-steal attack. But if you eliminate him, all his minions will automatically die as well.


Thunderbolt Of Zeus (Vaulted until May 3)

The Thunderbolt of Zeus is a new mythic item that you can find all over the map. It's unlikely to be found in normal and rare chests, though. Most likely, you'll find the new Thunderbolt by defeating Zeus himself, or in the God Chests, which spawn in the two new areas.



Like the Thunderbolt of Zeus, you can find Korra's Waterbending item anywhere on the map. When you use the item, a circle of water is surrounding your character. While attacking, a part freezes into small icy projectiles that you can hurl at your opponents. They don't deal a lot of damage each, but the fire rate is very high.



The item can be found all over the map. Firebending let you do two different moves. With your fire button, you trigger a single attack or a combo of flames on your opponent. At the end of a combo, you throw a huge wall of flames forwards.

Using the aim button, you jump in the air while spinning around and perform a flame kick to the ground.



As an Earthbender, you can choose between two variants of abilities. To attack your opponent, you pull a rock from the ground and throw it forward. Defense wise, you can also raise a rock wall in front of you. This item can be found all over the map.



Become Avatar Aang's with the new Airbending item. You can either move quickly forward inside a airbending-wheel or perform a dash into the air to surprise your enemies. Airbending can also be found all over the map.