Ascend to Aggression: Mastering Clove in Valorant

Ever dream of flanking enemies with smokes and dominating the battlefield as a controller? Look no further than Clove, Valorant's newest addition and the perfect agent for aggressive players who crave a more proactive role.  While acquiring a Valorant account might be the first hurdle, mastering Clove will quickly transform you into a deadly force.


This guide equips you with the essential tips and tricks to become a Clove savant, so ditch the backlines and  get ready to dominate.


1. Unleash Your Inner Slayer with Pick-Me-Up

Clove thrives on aggression. Unlike traditional controllers who focus on utility and support, Clove's Pick-Me-Up ability rewards an active playstyle.  This ability grants you overheal and a movement speed boost upon securing a kill or assist.  Think of yourself as a controller Reyna, except even more potent – Pick-Me-Up activates instantly and doesn't require a line of sight to the fallen enemy.  Use this to your advantage,  swinging corners with newfound confidence and eliminating threats with boosted speed.


2. Smoke Them Out, Even in Death

Clove's most unique feature is their post-death smokes.  While other controllers lose their utility upon dying, Clove's "Ruse" ability lets you place smokes even after you're down for the count.  This injects a strategic layer into your gameplay –  think about  sacrificing yourself to clutch a round by smoking off a crucial chokepoint  or  catching enemies off guard with a well-timed posthumous smoke.  Remember,  Ruse charges replenish every 30 seconds, so don't be afraid to get creative!


3. Master the Art of One-Ways (But Not Always)

One-way smokes are a staple for most controllers, but  Clove's aggressive nature makes them a situational tool.  While they can be helpful,  don't get fixated on one-ways at the expense of proactive plays.  Clove's strength lies in their ability to disrupt and  dominate the battlefield,  and one-ways  can sometimes hinder that aggressive flow.


4. Combine Meddle for Maximum Impact

Meddle, Clove's signature grenade,  lowers enemy HP by a whopping 90.  This creates a unique opportunity for multi-agent combos.  Pair Meddle with abilities like Killjoy's Nanoswarm or Sova's Shock Dart to secure easy kills  –  Meddle weakens the enemy, and your teammate's  utility finishes the job.


5. Pistol Round Demon? It's Clove

Meddle shines in pistol and eco rounds.  A well-placed Meddle can reduce an enemy's health to near critical,  giving you the upper hand  with a classic pistol.  Alternatively,  consider  using a Ghost  if you're confident in your aim.  Combined with Pick-Me-Up,  this  combo  can turn you into a pistol round powerhouse  –  just make sure you secure that kill or assist to activate the overheal.


6. Embrace the Self-Revive

Clove's self-revive ultimate  is a game-changer.   Use it strategically to clutch rounds or reposition yourself for a final push.  Remember, you can  cancel the revive animation to move around quickly,  so don't be afraid to get tactical with it. However, be mindful of limitations:  having one ultimate point remaining won't allow you to revive,  and you cannot self-revive if you're the last remaining agent without the spike planted.


7.  Positioning is Key (Even in Death)

Unlike other controllers who smoke directly, Clove uses a tactical map for smoke placement.  This means staying in areas that allow you to smoke key locations.   Even after death, your corpse's location  contributes to the tactical map area.   If possible, try to "die strategically" to maximize your posthumous smoke placements.


8. Know Your Battlefield

Clove excels in smaller maps like Bind and Ascent due to their smoke range and duration.  However, they can still be effective on larger maps  like Split or  Sunset  if you have another controller on your team.  The key is to remember  –  Clove is all about aggression. Don't be afraid to get out there and dominate the battlefield!


By mastering these tips, you'll transform Clove from a novelty into a dominant force. So grab your Valorant account,  embrace the aggressive playstyle, and  prepare to  ascend the ranks with Clove!