LoL Arena Returns in 2024!

League of Legends fans rejoice! The fast-paced, battle royale-inspired Arena mode is confirmed to return in 2024. Riot has told League fans that Arena will be returning in the first half of the 2024 season. The exact date for the comeback of Arena mode is May 1, the League devs confirmed. The mode will go live alongside the launch of Patch 14.9 and will remain available for “much longer than previous releases,” according to Riot. The game mode is expected to be live throughout the entirety of 2024’s second ranked split.


This is exciting news for players who crave a more chaotic and action-packed League experience. Arena throws 16 champions (double the original size!) into a single map, with champions respawning upon death until only one team remains. It's a frantic fight for survival that tests your champion mastery and on-the-fly decision making.


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But back to Arena!  Here's why you should be hyped:


Fast-paced action: Arena is all about quick thinking and constant fights. It's a great way to blow off steam and practice your champion mechanics.

Double the mayhem: With 16 champions on the map, expect pure chaos. It's a fantastic change of pace from the usual 5v5 format.

Test your adaptability: Since champions respawn, you'll need to adjust your strategies on the fly to counter enemies and secure victory.


This extended presence of Arena signals Riot’s dedication to refining and enhancing the game mode for long-term enjoyment. With a four-month ranked season and ongoing updates, it’s evident that Riot is listening to players’ feedback and striving to make Arena a permanent addition to League, akin to the beloved ARAM mode.


While we wait for the official release date, keep an eye out on League of Legends' official channels for updates.  In the meantime,  iGV can be your one-stop shop for getting your LoL account prepped for the Arena's return.