New Legend Alter Coming to Apex Legends in Season 21

Calling all Legends! The wait is almost over for a new face to join the Apex Games. While Season 20 focused on refining the current roster, data miners and the latest trailer have confirmed that Season 21 will bring Alter, a mysterious legend with powerful reality-warping abilities.


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Spotting Alter in the Shadows

Keen-eyed players might have noticed subtle hints about Alter in the recent trailer for the Urban Assault collection event.  At the 37-second mark, a quick glimpse of the scoreboard for the new Apex Rumble mode shows "Alter" at the top, alongside what seems to be her unique symbol.  Later, at 1:19, the same symbol flashes on screen, followed by what sounds like Alter's laughter. These cryptic messages serve as a confirmation for her introduction in Season 21.


Release Date and Abilities (Based on Leaks)

According to reliable leaks, Alter will arrive on May 7th, 2024 at 10 am PST / 6 pm GMT, marking the beginning of Season 21. While details about her abilities remain under wraps by Respawn Entertainment, leaks suggest a fascinating kit based on manipulation and mobility.

Passive: Gift From the Rift: After interacting with a Deathbox, Alter can supposedly claim any item (except armor) remotely, giving her team a tactical advantage during intense firefights.
Tactical: Void Passage: This ability allows Alter to create a portal through surfaces, potentially enabling flank maneuvers or quick escapes.
Ultimate: Void Nexus: Alter's ultimate creates a "regroup point" that she and her teammates can use to teleport back to its location. This strategic ability could be a game-changer for reviving fallen teammates or setting up surprise attacks.


A Mysterious Past and Robotic Enhancements

Leaks also hint at Alter's backstory.  Clad in a combination of human and robotic parts, she's rumored to be of Chinese descent and possess a troubled past. Trained as a ruthless mercenary from a young age, Alter's descent into madness is believed to be triggered by the betrayal of her team and the loss of her parents.


Prepare for the Arrival of Alter

With the official teasers and leaks providing a glimpse into Alter's arrival, it's time to gear up for Season 21.  Whether you're a seasoned Apex Legends veteran or a new recruit, prepare to face off against (or play as) this intriguing legend who promises to warp the battle royale landscape.  Stay tuned for more information as we inch closer to the official launch of Season 21!