Roblox: Blox Fruits Strongest Fruits Guide

As a game platform with a large user base, Roblox attracts players with its rich game content and free creative space. One of the games called Blox Fruits became very popular with its unique devil fruit system.


A Roblox account is your ticket to the wonderful world of Blox Fruits. Choosing the right Devil Fruit can help you quickly improve your strength and unlock more fun in the game.


Devil Fruit is a key item in the Blox Fruits game to gain powerful abilities. Each fruit has different attributes and skills. In order to help players better choose fruits, this article will bring you a guide to the strongest fruits of Blox Fruits.


S-level fruit: supreme glory, dominating the battlefield

S-level fruits represent the top combat power among Blox Fruits, possessing unparalleled strength and versatility.
Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex): Known as the most powerful melee weapon, Tyrannosaurus Rex is famous for its terrifying destructive power and super survivability.
Dough: Dough has extremely strong control and assistance capabilities, and can manipulate opponents at the palm of its hand.
Venom: Known for its long-range attacks and sustained damage, Venom is a nightmare in PVP.
Dragon: An all-round fruit with both offense and defense. Dragon has powerful output and excellent defense capabilities.
Leopard: Known for its fast speed and powerful attack power, Leopard is the leader in PVP.
Kitsune: Kitsune has extremely strong mobility and phantom ability, making it the best choice for sneak attacks and harassment.


A-level fruit: strong rise, not to be underestimated

Although A-level fruits are not as powerful as S-level fruits, they still possess considerable strength and perform well in various fields.

Ice: Ice with excellent control ability, able to freeze opponents and cause a lot of damage
Spirit: The spirit is famous for its high damage and blood-sucking ability. It is a powerful tool for killing monsters and PK.
Dark: Dark has powerful range attacks and debuff effects, and is the mainstay in team battles.
Light: Light that increases attack speed and movement speed, can deal tons of damage.
Buddha: Buddha has super defense and recovery capabilities and is the patron saint of the team.
Spider: Known for its poison and control abilities, spiders are experts in sneak attacks and control.
Sound: Sound with powerful range attack and stun effects is a disruptor on the battlefield.
Portal: A portal with the ability to travel through space and teleport, and is a representative of mobility and auxiliary capabilities.


How to get devil fruit

In Blox Fruits, Devil Fruits can be obtained in several ways:
Natural Drop: Devil Fruit has a certain chance of dropping on various islands.
Trading: Players can trade fruits with other players.
Purchase: Players can use Robux to purchase fruits in the store.


When choosing Blox Fruits, it's important to consider your play style and goals. If you like to rush into battle and deal a ton of damage, the S-tier attack fruit is a great choice. If you prefer a more defensive playstyle, the A-level defensive fruits are a good choice. If you like to move quickly and avoid enemies, the A-level mobility fruit is a good choice.
Of course, each fruit has its own unique advantages and gameplay. The most important thing is to find the fruit that suits you and master its abilities.