FC 24: When is which TOTS coming? All important information about the event

Finally,  FC 24 has launched the big TOTS event. We'll tell you the schedule and when the individual teams such as Premier League, Bundesliga or Serie A will be announced.

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What is the TOTS anyway? 

The "Team of the Season" appears every year in Ultimate Team. There, the top players of the different leagues are put in the spotlight - and equipped with massively improved cards. Ratings in the 90s are not uncommon.

Over the coming weeks, several "Teams of the Season" will be released regularly, such as the "Premier League TOTS", the "Bundesliga TOTS", the "LaLiga TOTS" and more. These cards will then end up in FC 24 Ultimate Team packs.

You can still vote for the Bundesliga: But unlike in previous years, there will only be one fan vote for this year's TOTS – for the Bundesliga. The other teams in the major leagues are put together by the studio itself and in collaboration with data analyst OPTA, according to EA Sports.

It is not known why the fans are no longer allowed to vote for themselves.

Voting and Announcement – The TOTS Schedule

When does the TOTS start in FC 24? 

The starting signal for the multi-week TOTS event was already on Friday, April 19, 2024 at 19:00. First up was the all-new "Live TOTS", which brought fresh dynamic TOTS cards to the game.

Votings: As already mentioned, only the Bundesliga TOTS can be voted for this year and this voting has already ended since April 21st.

Announcements: When will the TOTS be officially unveiled?

  • April 19 to April 26: Live TOTS
  • April 26 to May 3: Premier League TOTS, Mixed League 1, WSL
  • 3 May to 10 May: Bundesliga TOTS, Mixed League 2, Women's Bundesliga
  • May 10 to May 17: Ligue 1 TOTS, Mixed League 3, D1 Arkema
  • May 17 to May 24: LaLiga TOTS, Mixed League 4, League F
  • May 24 to May 31: Serie A TOTS, Mixed League 5, NWSL
  • May 31 to June 7: Ultimate TOTS

What are the Mixed Leagues? 

Another change this year is the Mixed Leagues, which will replace the releases of the smaller teams from previous years. Here, in addition to the major men's and women's leagues, EA is putting together mixed teams from the rest of the world's soccer leagues, which will be available in packs at the same time.