Join the Enutrofs in Festive Preparations: A Guide to Dofus The Chocochip Festival

Embark on a delightful adventure in the world of Dofus as you assist the Enutrofs in preparing for the festive Chocochip Festival. Our comprehensive guide will lead you through each step of the quest, ensuring a successful completion.

Everything You Need To Know:


- Recommended Level: 20

- Quests: "Class Council"


- 41,277 XP

- 936 Dofus Kamas

- Beach Towel x1

- Tanning Cream x1

- Marine Conch x1

- Competition Fin x1


- Astrub [1,-17]


- Combat (alone) x1

- Being an Enutrof

Quest Walkthrough:

1. Initiating the Quest: Begin the quest by visiting Gasdaure at [1,-17]. Inquire about the agitation among the Enutrofs, and she informs you about the upcoming Chocopépite Festival in honor of the god Enutrof. Gasdaure provides you with a list of tasks to ensure the festival preparations proceed smoothly.

2. Preparing the Festival:

   - Head to the mine behind Gasdaure and locate Chipo Atufe. Learn about the discounts being offered for festival drinks.

   - Visit René Gossian at the consumables sales hall to renegotiate the drink prices negotiated by Chipo Atufe.

   - Return to Gasdaure and inform her about the successful negotiation for a 15% reduction.

3. Assisting Father Letabouret:

   - Proceed to the cemetery at [0,-13] and speak with Father Letabouret. He requests assistance in recovering a coffin stored at [0,-15].

   - Interact with the three crates at [0,-15] and bring them back to Sylvie Lebrekin at [3,-15].

4. Visit Grandma:

   - Pay a visit to Grandma's house at [7,-19] to complete the final task on the list.

5. Final Preparations:

   - Head to [2,-18] and interact with the wooden crate on the square.

   - Speak with the dog to learn about the thief who stole the goods.

   - Follow the dog's lead to track down the thief, engaging in a fight against three burglars along the way.

   - After defeating the burglars, speak with Marie-Laure Durr, who agrees to return the stolen goods in exchange for food if they agree to work for Gasdaure.

6. Quest Completion:

   - Return to Gasdaure at [1,-17] to announce the successful completion of the festival preparations.

With our guide, you'll seamlessly navigate through the quest "The Chocochip Festival" in Dofus, ensuring a memorable and festive experience for all. Prepare for an enchanting celebration and revel in the joy of the Chocopépite Festival!

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