A Comprehensive Guide to the Inspection Round Quest in Dofus

Embark on a journey through the vibrant world of Dofus as you undertake the "Inspection Round" quest. Our comprehensive guide will lead you through each step of the quest, ensuring a successful completion.If you are looking for the cheap Dofus Kamas, choosing iGV for your Kamas needs—we look forward to serving you and enhancing your gaming experience.

Everything You Need To Know:


- Recommended Level: 20

- Quests: "Class Council"


- 41,277 XP

- 936 Dofus Kamas

- Beach Towel x1

- Tanning Cream x1

- Marine Conch x1

- Competition Fin x1


- Astrub [4,-15]


- Combat (alone) x2

- Combat (group) x1

- Being a Feca

Quest Walkthrough:

1.Initiating the Quest:

    Commence the quest by visiting Allisteria at [4,-15]. You'll learn that some Fecas in the militia are slacking off, and it's up to you to whip them back into shape. Offer to conduct a surprise inspection to get them back on track.

2. Mercenary Inspections:

   - Visit the mercenary at [7,-15], who appears to be asleep. Lie and inform him that Astrubians frequently pass by to take advantage of the sales at the tailor's workshop.

   - Proceed to [7,-21] and engage in combat against a group of Pious to help the mercenary find courage.

   - Travel to [1,-21] and ask the mercenary for money. Turn a deaf ear to her complaints and praise her efforts.

   - Encounter the mercenary at [1,-16], who is absorbed in reading the newspaper. Remind her of her duties and give her a firm reminder.

   - Finally, challenge the mercenary at [3,-18] to a duel. Defeat her in single combat to assert your authority.

3. Quest Completion:

   - Return to Allisteria at [4,-15] to conclude the "Inspection Round" quest. With your diligent efforts, the Fecas in the militia will be back on track, ensuring the safety and security of Astrub.

With our guide, you'll navigate through the "Inspection Round" quest in Dofus with ease, restoring order and discipline among the Fecas in Astrub. Prepare for a challenging yet rewarding adventure as you embark on this quest of duty and responsibility!

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