Guide to the Serie animal Quest: Explore Dofus with Your Animal Companions

Embark on an exciting adventure in the world of Dofus as you undertake the "Serie animal" quest. Our comprehensive guide will lead you through each step of the quest, ensuring a successful completion. Dive into the vibrant world of Dofus fully equipped and ready for adventure to buy Dofus Kamas through iGV's secure and reliable platform.

Everything You Need To Know:


- Recommended Level: 20

- Quests: "Class Council"


- 41,277 XP

- 936 Dofus Kamas

- Beach Towel x1

- Tanning Cream x1

- Marine Conch x1

- Competition Fin x1


- Astrub [2,-15]


- Combat (group) x3

- Being an Osamodas

Quest Walkthrough:

1. Initiating the Quest: Commence the quest by visiting Abrazelon Sixclaw at [2,-15]. He seeks creatures with better constitution to accompany the fragile tofus in the mines. Your task is to acquire a suitable companion for them.

2. Finding a Companion:

   - Locate the Burrowing Boar on the map and speak to him to convince him to follow you. If he doesn't appear, change maps and return until he does. Once accompanied by the boar, proceed to the mine at [1,-17].

   - Speak with one of the Gazteropod in the mine, who feels threatened by the wild boar and attacks you. Engage in combat against 3 tofus to protect the boar.

   - After defeating the tofus, return to Abrazelon Sixclaw and inform him of the situation. Since the wild boar isn't suitable, attempt to recruit a Troglodyte Gobball.

   - Escort the Gobball to the mine, but it escapes upon arrival. Track it down at [1,-16] in the grocery store and engage in combat to subdue it. Once weakened, convince it to follow you back to Abrazelon.

3. Final Attempt:

   - Abrazelon suggests trying with a faithful dog this time. Ask the dog to accompany you and return to the mine.

   - Venture deeper into the mine and navigate through the sewers to locate the tofu. However, you encounter Young Milirats who attack you. Defeat them with the help of the dog.

   - Speak to Timy, who explains that he fell into the sewers by accident. Request the faithful dog to follow you once again.

4. Quest Completion:

   - Return to Abrazelon Sixclaw to conclude the "Serie animal" quest. With the suitable companion now found, the tofus in the mines will be well-protected, ensuring their safety and productivity.

With our guide, you'll navigate through the "Serie animal" quest in Dofus seamlessly, forging bonds with various creatures and ensuring the success of your mission. Prepare for an adventure filled with challenges and rewards as you embark on this quest in the captivating world of Dofus!

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