WoW: Dragonflight Season 4 Is Live – Here's What You Should Do Today

The final season of World of Warcraft Dragonflight has begun. We'll tell you what you should do today.

With the end of today's maintenance (24.04.2024), World of Warcraft Dragonflight will start the 4th and final season of the current expansion. Once again, all of the expansion's raids and dungeons become relevant, and progress is a little faster than in other seasons.

That's intentional, as you'll get strong gear faster to get ready for the next expansion, The War Within, which is expected to launch in late summer 2024.

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New difficulty for all dungeons

The biggest change is probably the dungeon system and the difficulties that come with it, as they have been significantly overhauled by Blizzard. The difficulty of pretty much all dungeons has been significantly increased, so you already have a solid challenge in Mythic 0. This should provide an engaging challenge for those who don't feel like a time limit that also yields strong rewards. The difficulties change as follows:

  • Normal Dungeons: Unchanged
  • Heroic Dungeons: As difficult as before "Mythic"
  • Mythic Dungeons: As difficult as before "Mythic +10"
  • Mythic +10 Dungeon: As difficult as Mythic+20

This also means that you "only" need to complete Mythic+10 to get the best possible rewards. Note, however, that only the number has become smaller – the dungeons are as Mythic+5 as they were on Mythic+15.

What should you do today? 

Especially the first few weeks are important in a season if you like to go out with random groups. This is because many people quickly make demands on the item level or the "Mythic+" rating. If you oversleep here for a few weeks, you may not find any more groups. Therefore, you should dive into the content as early as possible so that you don't miss the boat.

  • Completing Raids: Be sure to visit the Vault of Incarnations raid, which has been "Fatedly" boosted this week. Each week a different raid is active, and as of week 7, all raids are permanently active.
  • Visiting Dungeons: All 8 Dragonflight dungeons are part of the current rotation. Both Mythic and Keystone Levels offer solid challenge and strong rewards, but you'll need a well-rehearsed party to do so.
  • Complete World Quests: At the start of a new season, the item level of World Quest rewards will also be increased. Take a look at the map from time to time to see if you don't discover a solid piece of equipment during a world quest – twinks in particular could still plug holes in their equipment here.
  • Farm Flying Stones: Depending on the type of content you're playing in WoW, you might quickly find that the flying stones aren't enough to upgrade your gear. Therefore, you should also complete some world quests to build up a small supply of flying stones and always have enough for the upgrades. As a rule, the new emblems will be the limiting factor, but it's always good to have a few hundred flying stones "too many".

That being said, the start of a new season also means that many players are jumping back into PvE and are therefore reliant on plenty of potions, vials, and gems. So, if you're an alchemist, jewel cutter, or other craftsman, you should now be able to earn a few gold pieces quite easily by selling your wares to the more active heroes and heroines and heroes.

What's the first thing you're going to do in WoW tonight? Are you jumping into the raid? Or do you push your Mythic rating directly?