FC 24: How to increase your chances of getting strong players from the TOTS Packs

On Friday, April 26, 2024, the Team of the Season (TOTS) in FC 24 will really kick off with the Premier League. If you want to draw TOTS cards here, you need packs above all. Or at least a lot of players to craft packs in upgrade SBCs. We'll show you how to get strong players or at least as many fodder as possible for free.

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What are the options? 

This year, FC 24 offers you more ways than ever before to get your hands on packs and players.

Packs can be obtained as rewards in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or the UT Champions Weekend League, for example. But you can also earn more packs from the objectives or by completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

With our tips, you can quickly and easily get too much player material to be well prepared for the Team of the Season in FC 24.

4 Steps That Will Increase Your Chances of Strong TOTS

Earn Packs and Players through Menu Content

In FC 24 it is very easy to save packs at the moment. In the wake of the TOTS Warm-Up series alone, a number of new rewards have been released, which you can get by completing simple tasks. And you don't even have to go to a game to do that.

Step 1: Daily Login SBC

In the Daily Login SBC, all you have to do is turn in one Bronze Player and receive a pack of two players with an 81+ rating. In addition, you can complete more tasks from the objectives by completing them daily and get additional rewards for doing so.

Step 2: Daily Gold Upgrade

The daily gold upgrade has now become established in FC 24. You can complete this up to 4 times a day. All you need is 11 Bronze and 11 Silver players per upgrade, each of which you'll need to exchange for a separate SBC.

As a reward, you will receive a pack of eleven gold professionals, one of whom is rare.

A little tip: To save time, it's best to leave the team building to your assistant. To do this, you can select the assistant to assist you before you get to the team building. Or you can use it to help you build your team by pressing the left analog stick and selecting the assistant. Set the quality to Silver or Bronze and let your assistant do the rest.

Step 3: Preview Pack

You should also check the shop daily and open the preview pack under "Classic Packs". If you're lucky, you'll draw a highly-rated player over 86 or one of the many Team of the Week (TOTWs) cards.

According to Futbin (click here), the price of the cheapest 86 is currently 7,600 coins. If you want to not only open the preview pack, but also buy the contents, you'll have to pay 7,500 coins. However, there is no obligation to buy. If you don't like your preview pack, just wait 24 hours and try your luck again.

However, all cards from 86 onwards are worth it.

Additional Rewards Through Gameplay

Step 4: Bonuses in the Champions Weekend League

In the Objectives you will find the task complex "TOTS Champions Bonus". Here you can get more upgrade packs by playing and winning, which will increase your chances of drawing a TOTS.