FC 24: New Season Pass for TOTS Brings Strong Rewards – How to Level Up Fastest

To coincide with the big TOTS event, FC 24 has a new Season Pass that promises strong rewards. We'll tell you what rewards are available and how you can get them the fastest.

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What is the Season Pass?

  • On Thursday, April 25, the new Season Pass was released in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. It is available for 42 days and requires 40,000 XP to complete. For each level-up, 1,000 XP is required.
  • This time, the focus is on the Team of the Season, which is why there are also free TOTS cards. There are also tons of packs as well as player picks and new choreos for your club.
  • The necessary experience points can be obtained by completing tasks.

Season Pass in TOTS – All the Rewards and How to Get Them Fast

The strongest rewards in the new Season Pass: 

In any case, one of the highlights of the Season Pass is the strong TOTS Moments card from Mainoo (92) at level 20. The card looks fierce and should be a decent reinforcement in defensive midfield for many.

There are also some really strong packs hidden from level 25 of the pass. For example, there are many packs that guarantee cards with high ratings, so it's really handy when the strongest TOTS cards are currently in packs.

And finally, the Season Pass at level 40 brings you Carlos Alberto (93), which is available in two different variants. Here you can opt for 5 stars for the weak foot or the skill moves.

Here's the most effective way to level up:

  • The first tip is actually the most obvious. Play the daily quests. They are easy and give you 150 XP per day. In addition, the weekly tasks should be completed, which often involve completing the daily tasks and are usually quite easy and to complete on the side.
  • In addition, you can earn a lot of XP by playing Division Rivals and Squad Battles. Here, your rank or division determines the amount of XP you get. For example, completing Division Rivals already gives you 700 XP. In addition, for 9 victories in Weekend League, for example, 1,150 XP awaits. As you get more wins, you'll get more XP.
  • Play the cups and pay attention to the tasks. Really lucrative are the tasks for the weekly friendly match cups. So here you get XP not only for victories, but also simply for completing matches. For example, you currently get 500 XP for your first game in the Cup, and if you win three games, you'll get 500 extra XP.
  • Also, try to complete multiple tasks at once, if possible. Currently, one task requires a goal and an assist from a WSL player in 2 separate matches and another task wants 3 wins with 6 WSL pros in the starting eleven. So build a team of WSL pros and complete both 500XP tasks in 3 games instead of 5.
  • See if the SBCs bring XP. In the tasks, XP is sometimes awarded for completing SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). Keep checking the quests to see if there is such a thing and complete SBCs to get XP.

All Season Pass Rewards: 

In this overview, we have left out the visual elements such as coats of arms or choreos.

  • Level 1: Pro Pick – 1 of 3 Rare Gold Players (80+)
  • Level 3: 80+ x2 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 4: Premium Gold Pack
  • Level 6: 81+ x2 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 8: 82+ x2 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 10: Teze Live TOTS Map (90) – RV, RAV, and IV
  • Level 11: 83+ Gold Pro Rare Pack
  • Level 13: 83+ x2 Gold Pro Rare Pack
  • Level 15: TOTS Card Bowen (91) – ST, RM and RF
  • Level 17: 83+ x5 Gold Pro Rare Pack
  • Level 19: Rare Gold Pro Pack (84+)
  • Level 20: Mainoo TOTS Moments Card (92) – ZDM, CM, and ZOM
  • Level 22: 84+ x2 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 24: 84+ x2 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 25: 86+ x3 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 27: 85+ x2 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 29: Pro Pick – 1 of 4 Rare Gold Players (85+)
  • Level 30: 85+ x7 Pack or 87+ x4 Pro Pack
  • Level 31: 84+ x5 Gold Pro Rare Pack
  • Level 33: 85+x10 Gold Pro Rare Pack
  • Level 35: 83+ x5 Gold Pro Rare Pack
  • Level 36: 84+x10 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 38: 87+ x5 Gold Pro Rare Pack
  • Level 39: 88+ x3 Rare Gold Pro Pack
  • Level 40: Carlos Alberto (93) Ultimate Birthday Icon or 85+x20 Gold Pro Rare Pack