Dofus Quest Solution: Zobal Hibaba and the 40 Rogues

Embark on an adventurous quest in the enchanting world of Dofus with our comprehensive guide to "Zobal Hibaba and the 40 Rogues" Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, our detailed instructions will ensure a smooth journey through this exciting quest.

Everything You Need To Know:


- Recommended Level: 20

- Quests: "Class Council"


- 41,277 XP

- 936 Dofus Kamas

- Beach Towel x1

- Tanning Cream x1

- Marine Conch x1

- Prize Fin  x1


- Astrub [4,-19]


- Combat (alone) x1

- Being a Zobal

Quest Walkthrough:

1. Initiating the Quest:

   - Begin your journey by visiting Hibaba at [7,-15] to commence the Zobal class quest. He reveals that Bono's band of Rogues is after his mask and shares his plan to thwart them.

2. Securing Resources:

   - Proceed to the Astrub bank and speak with Essiac of Engrape at [4,-18]. Present the Power of Attorney to access Hibaba's account and deposit Dofus Kamas.

   - Return to Hibaba and deliver the Dofus Kamas to him. He instructs you to purchase resources, including 2,000 liters of used frying oil from Seth Sourcet at the grocery store [1,-16], and 40 Spark Potions from Mage Ax at [3,-21]. If Mage Ax is unavailable, consult Nibé Lulle instead.

3. Executing the Plan:

   - With the resources in hand, return to Hibaba at [7,-15]. He tasks you with distributing party posters in the militia. Speak with Badufron at [5,-19] to explain Hibaba's request.

   - Report back to Hibaba and assure him that the posters will be displayed as planned. Join him at Marp's house [1,-19] to discuss the next steps.

   - Enter the basement and speak with Jeanne Mori. She assigns you to watch over the oil intended to scald the Dodgers. Interact with the cauldron in the room's center before speaking with Jeanne again.

   - Suddenly, Rogues emerge from the barrels and attack you. Engage in combat against them alone. Once the Boiled Dodgers are defeated, speak with Jeanne once more.

4. Triumphant Return:

   - Ascend to the ground floor and inform Hibaba of the success of the plan. He commends your efforts and acknowledges your strength.

5. Quest Completion:

   - Return to Hibaba to conclude the quest. Receive your rewards and bask in the satisfaction of a job well done.

With our guide, you'll navigate through the twists and turns of "Zobal Hibaba and the 40 Rogues" quest in Dofus effortlessly. Prepare for thrilling encounters and memorable moments as you delve deeper into the captivating world of Dofus!