WoW: 3 Tricks to Drastically Reduce Your Loading Times

Faster loading times in World of Warcraft? It's easy. With just a few changes, you can drastically reduce the loading time.

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World of Warcraft is where most of us spend a lot of time. It's annoying when a significant chunk of that time is spent looking at Azeroth's various loading screens. Depending on the computer, logging into the game world can take 15, 20 or even 30 seconds.

This gets even more annoying when you have to go through several portals in a row, for example to travel from Valdrakken to Stormwind, then to Boralus and from there to Nazjatar - or even just the next walk to an instance.

We'll show you three tips that you can use to significantly reduce your in-game loading times.

Where do the tips come from? 

YouTuber Bellular, together with his team, has done some calculations and looked at which settings and addons cause the loading screen to eat up a lot of time.

What did Bellular find out? 

Basically, two factors in particular cause increased loading times:

  • Loading interface addons for the user interface.
  • Loading the game world with the textures.

These are the two screws that can be turned.

1. Filter addons

The biggest performance killer in World of Warcraft is interface addons. Indispensable for many players, add-ons help to organize inventory, defeat bosses, find party members or provide a prettier interface.

However, every addon has to be loaded every time you log in and that adds a few seconds to the loading time.

The solution to this – as absurd as it sounds – is another addon called "Simple Addon Manager". You can download the addon on Curse Forge, for example.

This addon lets you create different profiles. There you can set certain addons to be loaded only when you really need them. You won't need particularly large resource guzzlers like "WeakAuras" when questing in the open world and can only be activated if you load your "Raid Profile".

Create several profiles and think about which addons you really need in which game area.

If you filter out several addons and create profiles for different content, you can already significantly reduce loading times.

2. A chat command saves several seconds

During the loading screen, who would have thought it, the game world of World of Warcraft is loaded. Only when all the textures are in place will the screen be "released" and the loading screen will disappear. However, you can adjust a setting so that WoW doesn't necessarily have to have everything already loaded.

In the chat, enter the following command:

/console SET worldPreloadNonCritical 0

We did not see any visible limitations or loss of quality by using the command.

Now, when you load a new part of the world – for example, because you travel through a portal or enter an instance – your loading time (depending on your PC) should have been reduced by 1-3 seconds. Considering how often this happens in the game, it saves you quite a bit of time.

If you want to set the setting back to default, just enter this command:

/console SET worldPreloadNonCritical 2

3. Reduce Graphics Settings

The last tip is quite obvious, but it should still be addressed. Of course, the loading times are also influenced by how high you have set the graphics quality of the game. Some settings add several seconds to the loading time, while others hardly make any significant differences.

The biggest "damage" is done by the "View Range" setting. Go to "Graphics →→ Graphics Quality Options (Basic)" and find the view range slider. Even a reduction from 10 to 9 can save a good 2 seconds of charging time. If you lower the value to 5 or lower, you can gain another 1-2 seconds.

Of course, keep in mind that World of Warcraft becomes increasingly "uglier" as the graphics settings decrease. Here, it is important to find a balance between pretty graphics and pleasant loading times. However, if you always want the best possible graphics, you can only save a little here.

What achievements do you have with these settings and how has your loading time changed?