Level Up Your Look with the Valorant Cloudweaver Collection

Want to add some pizzazz to your Valorant arsenal? Look no further than the Cloudweaver collection, a stunning set of weapon skins and cosmetics that's sure to turn heads. But before you dive in, make sure your Valorant account is ready to rock. Once you're in, you can start collecting Valorant Points (VP) to purchase the Battle Pass that unlocks the Cloudweaver bundle.



Cloudweaver: A Breath of Fresh Air in Valorant Skins

The Cloudweaver collection stands out from the crowd with its unique animated design. Unlike many static Valorant skins, Cloudweaver boasts a captivating cloud-themed motion effect that brings your weapons to life. This dynamic aesthetic makes it a close contender to the Comet bundle, while offering a clear distinction from the more traditional Tacti-Series skins available in the Episode 8 Act 3 Battle Pass.



Aesthetics and Functionality Collide

Cloudweaver isn't just about looks; it complements your gameplay too. The beautiful orange and deep blue cloud designs with pops of color perfectly match Raze's aesthetic. Plus, the Shorty and Stinger included in the collection are ideal weapons for Raze's signature close-range satchel plays.



Building Your Cloud Collection

The Cloudweaver collection offers a Shorty, Stinger, Outlaw, and Sheriff skin, making it a great foundation for a themed loadout. It pairs well with collections like Celestial, Kohaku, Matsuba, and Valiant Hero, all sharing a similar visual flair.

While the Cloudweaver bundle doesn't include a melee weapon (that's reserved for the Comet bundle in this Battle Pass), it does come with a stunning player card and a matching spray to complete your cloud-themed look.



Unlocking Cloudweaver's Potential

The Cloudweaver collection is progressively unlocked throughout the Episode 8 Act 3 Battle Pass. You can snag the Cloudweaver card at Tier 4, with the Shorty following closely at Tier 5. The Cloudweaver spray awaits at Tier 12, while the Stinger becomes available at Tier 20. To unlock the Outlaw and Sheriff skins, you'll need to grind your way to Tier 25 and Tier 40 respectively.


It takes dedication to unlock the entire Cloudweaver collection, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Not only will you own these fantastic skins, but you'll also unlock a plethora of other cosmetics along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into Valorant and start climbing the Battle Pass ranks to unleash the power of the Cloudweaver collection!