Fortnite x Star Wars: All Quests and Rewards (May the Fun Be With You!)

The highly anticipated Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration is back in full force, offering a galaxy of themed quests and rewards across various game modes. Whether you're a seasoned Battle Royale veteran, a creative builder, a music enthusiast, or a racing fanatic, there's something for everyone in this epic crossover.


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This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to conquer these challenges and unlock exclusive Star Wars loot!


A Multifaceted Collaboration:


Unlike previous collaborations, the beauty of the Fortnite x Star Wars event lies in its expansive reach across different Fortnite experiences. Here's a breakdown of the available quests and rewards in each mode:


1. Battle Royale:

· Embrace the Force: Descend upon iconic Star Wars locations like Groovy Grove (formerly Tilted Towers) or Loot Lake (now transformed into Mos Eisley Cantina) and complete quests related to these areas. Remember, blasters have replaced traditional weapons, so sharpen your aim and utilize lightsabers for close-quarter takedowns. Quests might involve eliminating opponents with blasters, visiting specific landmarks, or even using Lightsaber throws to knock down enemies' shields.

· Legendary Encounters: Keep your eyes peeled for legendary characters like Darth Vader or Stormtroopers roaming the map. Taking them down could reward you with special loot or unlock further Star Wars-themed challenges.


· Iconic Weaponry: Earn lightsabers that double as pickaxes, adding a touch of elegance (or menace) to your harvesting routine.

· Blasters of All Kinds: Trade your trusty assault rifle for a blaster rifle, pistol, or even a heavy blaster as your back bling.

· Legendary Outfits: Complete enough quests and you might unlock character outfits inspired by your favorite heroes (think Luke Skywalker or Rey) or villains (Darth Vader or Kylo Ren) from the Star Wars universe.

2. Creative Mode:

· Build Your Own Star Wars: Unleash your creativity and construct your own Star Wars-inspired masterpiece on a Creative Island. From recreating iconic locations like the Millennium Falcon or a bustling Tatooine marketplace to building your own Jedi training facility, the possibilities are endless.

· Themed Challenges: Once you've built your Star Wars creation, participate in special Creative Mode challenges that might involve completing objectives within your build or exploring pre-built Star Wars-themed islands.


· Unique Emotes: Completing these challenges might unlock exclusive emotes that showcase your love for Star Wars, like using the Force or celebrating a victory with a lightsaber flourish.

· Creative Sprays: Spice up your creations with Star Wars-themed sprays featuring iconic characters, locations, or symbols from the franchise.

3. Fortnite Festival:

· Join the Cantina Band: Channel your inner musician and become part of the infamous Cantina Band in the Fortnite Festival. Play instruments, complete setlists, and earn points to progress through themed challenges.

· Embrace the Music: These challenges may involve achieving specific point milestones, playing sustained notes, or completing sets with a certain number of instruments.


· Musical Instruments: Earn unique emotes that transform you into a musician wielding instruments like a trumpet, a flute, or even a keyboard!

· Festival Flair: Unlock themed cosmetics like back blings or contrails inspired by the music and atmosphere of the Fortnite Festival.

4. Rocket Racing:

· Speed Through the Stars: Hop into iconic Star Wars vehicles like X-34 Landspeeders or TIE Fighters and tear through the tracks in Rocket Racing mode.

· Themed Races: Participate in special Star Wars-themed races that could involve navigating courses built around or inspired by iconic Star Wars locations.


· Exclusive Sprays: Earn sprays featuring Star Wars vehicles or characters to show off your racing prowess.

· Rocket Racers' Emotes: Unlock celebratory emotes that showcase your mastery of the racetrack, perfect for leaving your opponents in the dust!


Bonus Rewards: Global Challenges & May the Fourth Be With You!


On top of the mode-specific rewards, completing a set number of quests across all modes grants you additional rewards. Completing four Star Wars quests unlocks a Battle Pass Level Up, while completing 14 grants you the coveted Energy Binders Trail.


Additionally, there's a special set of challenges celebrating "May the Fourth Be With You!" Completing four of these quests rewards you with the Anakin Podracer Decal, and completing eight unlocks the Darth Maul Decal for your vehicles.


So grab your blasters (or lightsabers), choose your favorite game mode, and get ready to conquer the Fortnite x Star Wars challenges!