FC 24: 10 old cards are much more expensive in Ultimate Team right now – Search for hidden treasures

In EA FC 24 there are some older cards that have become really expensive on the transfer market. The values don't actually look that strong. We'll explain what's behind this phenomenon and give you the latest examples so you can search your club for hidden treasures.

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Which cards are rare on the transfer market right now? 

Tickets from the Premier League and the Bundesliga are particularly popular. Some players are even so sought-after that they cannot be found on the transfer market. And that's despite the fact that there are now a plethora of much better event cards.

At the moment you can draw the best players of the German elite leagues: Bundesliga TOTS is now live – Kane and Popp lead the Team of the Season

Responsible for these hefty market prices is a new feature in FC 24 Ultimate Team, which lets you turn inconspicuous players into stars. This innovation gives even old cards a whole new shine.

10 Old Cards That Evolve Makes Them Really Expensive

What are Evolutions? 

In the Evolutions (EVOs), you can provide players with several upgrades at once. The improvements range from stat boosts, to new playstyles, to upgraded abilities for "weak foot" or special moves. Over time, new EVOs are released with even better upgrades.

EVOs are always subject to special requirements. As a result, some players are particularly well suited if, for example, they scratch the maxima of restrictions. You can find out which card is best suited for which evolution with the evolution calculator.

In the case of Evolutions with potentially strong upgrades, the popularity of some cards is so great that they all but disappear from the transfer market.

10 coveted cards and their matching EVOs

In the table, we show you average cards that are particularly popular for certain EVOs due to their stats and playstyles. As a result, their price has skyrocketed:

Player (Rating) Association Market value in coins (as of 06/05/24) suitable evolution
Goretzka (85) FC Bayern 10,000 (sold out) Bundesliga TOTS
Centurions Andrich (85) Bayer Leverkusen 55,000 (sold out) Bundesliga TOTS
Trailblazers Guirassy (84) VfB Stuttgart 30,000 (sold out) Bundesliga TOTS
Centurions Bornauw (84) VfL Wolfsburg 30,000 (sold out) Bundesliga TOTS
Centurions Ryerson (84) Borussia Dortmund 85,000 (sold out) Bundesliga TOTS
Centurions Vargas (83) FC Augsburg 37,500 (sold out) Bundesliga TOTS
Martinelli (84) FC Arsenal 10,000 (sold out) Premier League TOTS
Gakpo (83) FC Liverpool 10,000 (sold out) Premier League TOTS
Radioactive Eriksen (87) Manchester United 37,500 (sold out) Attacking midfielder
TOTGS Foden (87) Manchester City 85,000 (sold out) Attacking midfielder

If you happen to have one of these players in your club, you can consider completing the appropriate evolution. Otherwise, one or the other card could even give you a nice profit on the transfer market, as long as you have it tradeable.

Since new evolutions are always being added and others are taking place, we will update the table frequently. So check back regularly to stay up to date.