Quest Guide: Tarot, You Are Very Strong – Dofus

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for the quest "Tarot, You Are Very Strong" in Dofus! Whether you're a seasoned Xelor or just starting your adventure in Astrub, we've got you covered with detailed instructions to help you complete this quest. So let's dive into the mystical world of divinatory tarot cards and unravel the secrets hidden within! 

Quest Overview: Tarot, You Are Very Strong


- Recommended Level: 20

- Completion of the "Class Council" quest

Quest Rewards:

- 41,277 XP

- 936 Dofus Kamas

- Beach Towel x1

- Tanning Cream x1

- Marine Conch x1

Competition Fin x1


Astrub [4,-19]

Predicted Challenges:

- Combat (alone) x1

- Being a Xelor

Solution To The Quest "Tarot, You Are Very Strong" In Dofus:

1. Initiating the Quest:

   Start your quest by traveling to Montrakwartz, located in Astrub [4,-19]. Montrakwartz informs you that she has lost her divinatory tarot cards. Choose the dialogue option "Ask how she concentrates while counting the cards in her hand" to trigger the quest.

2. Seeking Assistance from Meow Meow:

   Head to the Astrub tavern [6,-18] and speak with Meow Meow. Explain Montrakwartz's problem, and Meow Meow suggests seeking assistance from an Ecaflip at the tavern.

3. Obtaining the Tarot Card:

   Inside the tavern, speak with the Ecaflip [7,-18]. He explains that he's been unlucky since winning a strange tarot card and agrees to give it to you. Acquire the tarot card from the Ecaflip.

4. Dealing with the Jack of Spades:

   Proceed to the marketplace [7,-18] and speak with Aigry Kultriss. She complains about a monster preventing her from trading, which turns out to be the Jack of Spades. Choose the option "Putting an end to his actions with violence" to engage in combat with the Jack of Spades. Defeat him in combat.

5. Investigating the Drought:

   After defeating the Jack of Spades, speak with Aigry Kultriss again. She accuses mercenaries of being involved in the drought affecting the lands of modest farmers. Head to the barn in [7,-24] and speak with Emia Elliesol to gather more information about the drought.

6. Finding The Sun Tarot Card:

   Emia Elliesol directs you to search for the flowers in [3,-29], where you discover the tarot card The Sun. Return to Emia and show her the card to inform her that the drought should now subside.

7. Obtaining the Tarot Card from Nibé Lulle:

   Emia Elliesol suggests seeking assistance from Nibé Lulle, an alchemist, to obtain more information about the tarot cards. Visit Nibé Lulle in the alchemists' workshop [3,-21]. Nibé Lulle provides you with the tarot card and urges you to leave quickly.

8. Completion of the Quest:

   Return to Montrakwartz at [4,-19] to conclude the quest "Tarot, You Are Very Strong" in Dofus.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the quest "Tarot, You Are Very Strong" in Dofus. Enjoy your rewards and continue your adventures in the mystical world of Astrub!

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