Guide to the Modernized Almanax in Dofus 2024

The Almanax has undergone significant modernization in 2024, bringing new features, adjustments, and bonuses to enhance the gameplay experience in Dofus. This guide provides a detailed overview of these changes and how they impact various aspects of the game, ensuring that players can fully benefit from the updated Almanax. If you want to unlock incredible in-game advantages, just buy cheap Dofus Kamas on iGV! Our platform ensures a fast, secure, and reliable transaction process, giving you more time to enjoy the game. Don't miss out on enhancing your gameplay experience – buy Dofus Kamas from iGV today!

Major Changes to the Almanax in 2024

Dofus Kamas and Savings Adjustments

One of the most notable changes is the reduction of dofus kamas earned from Almanax quests by 50%. This adjustment aims to balance the in-game economy and align rewards more closely with other game activities. Despite the reduction in dofus kamas, new savings opportunities have been introduced, particularly benefiting professions.

Profession Bonuses

In 2024, every profession receives a dedicated savings day annually. These bonuses are designed to offer significant advantages to various professions, including:

- Smithmages: New bonuses for Smithmages include a chance to save a rune during a passage and more efficient rune crushing.

- Breeders: Bonuses now extend to Dragodindes, Muldos, and Volkornes, providing more opportunities for breeders to benefit from the Almanax.

Daily Bonuses and Standardization

More than half of the existing bonuses have been modified, replaced, or standardized. Key changes include:

- Pets: A dedicated day where pets gain more experience when fed.

- Infinite Dreams: An enhanced dream point gain day for players engaged in Infinite Dreams.

- Treasure Hunts: A special day introducing a new type of chest as a reward.

These modifications ensure that every area of the game and its features receive at least one bonus day throughout the year, providing diverse benefits and encouraging varied gameplay.

Fixed Daily Donations

To reduce disruption and simplify the daily donation process, the requirements have been standardized. Players now need to donate between 1 and 9 copies of the requested item without having duplicates of equipment in their inventory. This change streamlines the donation process and makes it more predictable and manageable.

New Rewards and Content

Seasonal Haverack Pockets

Four new haverack pockets, one for each season, have been added. These pockets offer unique rewards and are a significant addition to the existing Almanax rewards, encouraging players to participate throughout the year.

Ceremonial Mount and Titles

A new ceremonial mount is now available as a reward, alongside nine new titles. These additions provide more customization options for players to showcase their achievements and dedication to the Almanax.


New consumables have been introduced, offering various benefits and adding another layer of strategy and preparation to players' gameplay.

Implementation and Updates

The updated bonuses and changes were rolled out with update 2.71 on March 27. The official website has been updated to reflect these new bonuses, ensuring players have access to accurate and current information. The dialogues of Theodoran Ax and Merydes have also been adjusted to align with the new bonuses and effects.

Beta Testing and Adjustments

While many of these changes have been implemented, there may still be adjustments during the three-week beta testing period. Players are encouraged to participate in the beta and provide feedback to help fine-tune the new features.


The modernization of the Almanax in 2024 brings a wealth of changes designed to enhance the overall gameplay experience in Dofus. With new profession bonuses, streamlined daily donations, and a variety of new rewards, players have more reasons than ever to engage with the Almanax daily. By understanding these changes and how to take advantage of the new bonuses, players can maximize their benefits and enjoy a richer, more dynamic Dofus experience.

Embrace the new Almanax and explore the multitude of opportunities it offers. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of Dofus, these updates are sure to bring fresh excitement and challenges to your adventures. Happy questing!