Minecraft: Befriend Adorable Armadillos and Craft Wolf Armor!

Love Minecraft's new update but struggling to breed the adorable Armadillos? You're not alone! While these Shy Friends might be cute, they require a specific approach for breeding. Don't worry, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to become an Armadillo pro on your Minecraft account.


Approaching with Caution: The Secret to Armadillo Breeding

Unlike most Minecraft mobs, Armadillos are easily spooked. If they sense danger, they'll roll up into a ball, making it impossible to interact with them. The key is to approach slowly – no sprinting, mounts, or aggressive actions! As long as you walk calmly, you can catch them in their unrolled state and proceed with the breeding process.


Spider Eyes: The Armadillo's Favorite Food

Just like every creature has its favorite food, Armadillos have a specific preference for breeding – Spider Eyes! These handy items have a 1 in 3 chance of dropping from slain Spiders or Cave Spiders. You might need to eliminate a few creepy crawlies to get the two Spider Eyes needed to breed your Armadillos. But hey, on the bright side, any extra Spider Eyes can be used to accelerate the growth of your baby Armadillo!


Breeding Success and Spoils: Scute Up Your Wolf Armor!

Once you have your two adult Armadillos and Spider Eyes, the breeding process is simple. Feed one Spider Eye to each Armadillo, and watch the love hearts fly! A baby Armadillo will soon appear, ready to add to your adorable herd.

But the benefits of befriending Armadillos extend beyond cuteness. These Shy Friends also drop Scute periodically, or even when you brush them! This valuable item holds a special purpose – crafting Wolf Armor!  The more Armadillos you have, the more Scute you can collect, allowing you to craft protective armor for your loyal canine companions.


So, there you have it! With a little patience and these breeding tips, you'll be surrounded by a herd of Armadillos in no time. Not only will you have a pack of adorable companions, but you'll also be able to craft awesome Wolf Armor and dominate the Minecraft world in style!