WoW: A profession has the best items again in "The War Within"

In the next expansion of World of Warcraft, one profession is likely to outdo the others. Engineers have really good stuff in "The War Within".

Choosing the right profession has been an important decision in World of Warcraft for almost 20 years. Every now and then, professions weren't quite as important, but at least since Dragonflight, the big overhaul has led to the choice of professions becoming relevant again.

With the next expansion "The War Within" you can also experience a lot with your professions. But the engineer should (once again) have the most interesting toys.

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What do engineers get? 

As usual for the profession of engineer, all tinkerers will again have access to toys and gadgets, but also really interesting skills. Some of the most interesting items include:

  • Convincingly Realistic Jumper Cable: An item that allows you to "electrocute a dead ally so scared that they are reborn with 35% health in shock" - a Battle Rezz. As usual, the battle rezz can occasionally fail.
  • Irresistible Red Button: You place a device (before the battle) that can then be used in battle if it looks like a defeat. Then all characters will be revived by the device after the fight and do not have to run up again from the instance entrance.

But even bargain hunters should soon smile at an engineer, because with them you can really save gold.

The object here is the "break pylon". You can set it up to prevent the effects of bottles and buff food from running down further. As long as you are in the area of influence of the pylon, the timer of corresponding buffs pauses. The pylon is destroyed as soon as a fight starts – but for long boss meetings or raid breaks, it's worth it to get more use from the strong effects.

In addition, there are various gadgets that have already existed in the past in the same or similar form:

  • Mobile crafting stations for all professions, so you can have a craftsman make something in the wild (or in a raid).
  • Repair bots to be able to repair deep in a dungeon and not have to take the Hearthstone first.

Can others use the items? 

As a rule, many engineering items can only be used if the character himself has the profession. This usually makes many items uninteresting for other characters and at the same time ensures that the engineer has quite strong unique selling points.

At least the new jumper cable seems to be able to be used by everyone. This would mean that in the future, all groups will be able to have a "Battle Rezz" with them – even if they only take classes with them that don't actually have the spell.

Whether all these little gadgets and gimmicks will make it to the release of The War Within remains to be seen, of course, after all, the game is still in alpha. But at the moment, it seems as if engineers have some interesting highlights again that make the profession useful and a clear "must" for some. Others, on the other hand, might be interested in the alchemist, who can brew pretty wacky potions.